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Download Google Sheets = For PC 2024

Google Sheets is an online Google spreadsheet application that allows you to organize, edit, and analyze a variety of information, and it supports storing information such as Excel, which is an easy way to collaborate and work online.

Google Sheets provides you with a set of important features that allow you to edit text documents very comfortably, to compete with the office software giant.

Xlsx spreadsheet program

Download Google Sheets 2021 is an integrated online tool with the same spreadsheet creation function as the Microsoft Excel you used, in addition, this program integrates hundreds of computing functions from simple accounts to complex operations for users to choose, which can easily share documents with Others.

Google Sheets has an interface that is basically similar to the spread of simple Microsoft Office software tools, so most users will feel very familiar with the software once they connect.

Download spreadsheet program for computer

When working on Google Sheets, you’ll see that there are many different Sheets, each consisting of multiple cells created by lines and columns along with functions to format sheets, cells, text, insert charts, images, etc., and there is also a function bar that supports calculation functions similar to Excel, and spreadsheets created as Excel.

Downloading Google Sheets allows you to share documents with many different users, so it supports teamwork effectively and can open a window to manage your chat session when editing the worksheet as if you were working in a group.

Other features in downloading the spreadsheet software for the computer 2020

  • On the date of update November 20, 2019, Google has introduced a new feature for Google Sheets that allows users to edit texts, spreadsheets and presentations by voice, to activate this feature, click (Tools), select the voice input, then click the microphone on the left side, When it turns red, you can start talking.
  • The benefits of Google Sheets are reflected in the rich and varied sharing functions of the cloud.
  • Integrated formulas, dashboards, and conditional formatting options save time and simplify routine spreadsheet operations.
  • Using the sharing feature after downloading Google Sheets 2020, you can allow your friends, colleagues, and family to view, comment on, and edit your documents.
  • When someone edits a document, you can see their cursor when making changes or highlighting the text.
  • Chat with others directly within any document or add comments using their “+” email address and they will receive notifications.
  • All changes made will be saved automatically as soon as you type.
  • You can even use the review history to view old versions of the same document sorted by date and see who made the changes.
  • 2021 Google Sheets documents store your documents in the cloud so you can view them on Android mobile devices, iPhone, and iPad.
  • You can open, edit, and convert Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files from MS Office to Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides easily.
  • Enable offline editing to work in the browser or install files on mobile devices even if you are not connected to the Internet.
  • Turn on offline sync to edit documents when you’re not online
  • Enhance your document experience with additional utilities, for example, you can integrate Avery Label to create and print stickers and name tags.

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