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Autopano Video

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Autopano Video is a program that creates professional 360 ° panoramic videos with only drag and drop, in addition, the program also supports many professional video editing tools.

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360 ° panoramic videos give viewers an amazing and realistic experience by combining captured videos with different angles in one corner. However, to achieve this, users must go through many complex stages.

But Autopano Video is a useful tool to help you do this quickly, the program at the same time creates 360-degree views when merging videos together.

Ease of use of Autopano Pro 2020

With a few simple drag and drop, users can easily combine video content and simultaneous editing to create a panoramic view of it at the same time. Moreover, users can quickly sync the associated videos, that is, you can flexibly customize the final video to be more harmonious, the audio portion of the video is automatically synced to suit any adjustments made.

Many attractive effects in the panoramic video creation process are also supported by Autopano Video such as Image Smoothing, Sharpening, or Flipping.

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