Aura Video Editor

Aura Video Editor

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Aura Video Editor is a professional video editing program that allows users to easily design and professionally design a movie or video simultaneously, with Aura Video Editor, you can add dynamic transition effects, insert music and subtitles, and export videos in standard formats suitable for today’s popular video players.

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Aura Video Editor is a useful app that supports editing and processing videos in various formats such as MPG, AVI, M4V … etc., you can easily add new sounds, images, subtitles, and choose from among them the effects that the program chooses to apply to its videos, saved in MP4 and MPEG formats 2 and FLV.

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Aura Video Editor is not only a video editing and processing tool but also a great tool that includes suitable tools in creating personal and family photo slideshows and even creating a video slideshow by adding background music and including subtitles and photos.

The program allows you to set the configuration parameters of the video director to get the best quality, so if you are looking for a powerful video editing and editing tool, Aura Video Editor is the best option for you now, as the program offers many special transition effects and the ability to add new images.

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