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Download Android Studio = For PC 2024

Download the Android Studio 2021 program for free, Android studio is one of the programs launched by Google, it is one of the unique and unique programs that are able to extract files and detect all functions, whether encrypted or normal written in APK formats, this program that is used to create applications Android system, which relies heavily on the Java language, in order to create an application on it.

General information about Android Studio

The android studio program was released in 2016 by Google, it works with a show interface in English, the latest version was released in 2021 and it has number 3.1.0, the android-studio program works on the Windows and Mac operating system, the program is designed in the Java language, It is known as the environment dedicated to developing Android applications.

Strategy for dealing with android studio

Before thinking about starting using the android studio program, you must enter the programming field by learning the Java language, in order to obtain highly professional applications, but if it is related to simple applications that depend on modifying the sources, we must rely on some of the lessons that are available on the Internet, The aim is to learn some java terms, which will be easy to repeat during application development.

Android studio features

There are a number of programs that support the process of creating Android applications, but all programmers prefer to work on the android-studio program because of the great advantages it possesses.

  • Android Studio completely free does not impose any restrictions on users.
  • Android-studio program enables users to write codes for programming in the easiest way without any programming errors, as the program allows them to complete the written code and save it automatically.
  • Android studio provides an android emulator that allows previewing the application when developing it.
  • Through the program’s simple user interface, the user can drag and drop files into the user interface.
  • The program contains Google Cloud Service, which gives the user the ability to try the application on all Android devices to ensure that the application works optimally on all versions.
  • The program enables users to view any amendment made by developers inside the application directly through the instant start feature.
  • Android Studio offers a graphical debugger feature, a feature that is concerned with discovering all graphical errors when doing programming for applications or games that depend on graphics.
  • Android-studio provides the feature to know how often your app appears in Google Store after it is published on it.
  • The program contains, in its database, several languages ​​that can be dealt with when designing the application to be suitable for a wider segment of users.
  • After downloading the full android studio program, you will find that it provides a large number of open source templates that can be worked on through the Github website.

Download and install android studio

  • Android Studio program is downloaded by clicking on the download icon below this text, and waiting a little while for the installation file to finish downloading.
  • We will find that the installation file has become in the list of downloaded files, the files are decompressed, we will find the installation file that bears the form of the program icon, by clicking on it the installation of the file will start.
  • You must agree to the terms of the program, then proceed with clicking on Next, then it must be specified in which disk the program will be installed, the installation will start. We have to wait a bit, then we will finish when clicking on Finish.
  • Looking at the desktop, we will find that the program is ready to go.


So downloading the 2021 android studio program for free is an environment that is concerned with helping programmers to write and debug and simulate Android applications, and it is an integrated editor developed by Google, android-studio contains all the necessary tools that programmers need in order to design and test Android applications.

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