The Java Runtime Environment program installs the Java virtual machine, which allows you to play over the Internet, chat with people all over the world, and is also part of the Internet applications that contribute to offering e-business solutions that form the basis of institutional computing.

The program is used in all major industry sectors and is found in a wide range of devices, computers and networks.

Features of the program

  • The program is characterized by versatility, efficiency, portability and security, which is the ideal technology for network computing.
  • This program can be found on laptop computers, data centers, gaming devices, scientific computers, mobile phones and even on the Internet.
  • Java technology is present in more than 4.5 billion devices, including 800 million personal computers, 2.1 billion mobile phones and other mobile devices, and 3.5 billion smart cards, as well as decoders, printers, web cameras, games, car navigation systems and lottery stations Medical devices and payment windows.
  • It contains the tools you need to run Java technology and language applications on your computer.
  • Since its launch in May 1995, the Java platform has become the fastest-growing in the history of computing, and by 2003 it had already reached the milestone of 4 million developers around the world.
  • Due to the high demand for programs that require the Java Runtime Environment to run properly, it is highly recommended that you install the software on your computer. Since it is a virtual machine, Java runs independently and does not conflict with the operating system used on your computer.
  • Java-written programs can run on any hardware and software platform that has a version of JVM, which makes these applications independent of the underlying operating system you’re running on.
License Free
Op. System Windows
Category Development
applicationCategory DeveloperApplication
Developer Sun Microsystems
Downloads 30
Version 8 Update 271 (64-bit)
Download 1.98MB

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