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Downloading the Viber app for iPhone is one of the most popular applications used to make calls over the Internet, it is an alternative way to make phone calls and saves a lot of money, it is a group messaging and communication application that allows you to make free calls in high-quality voice and send and group messages with up to 100 people.

Introducing Viber app for iPhone

Viber is one of the most popular communication apps in certain regions of the world, but it has always been in the shadow of Skype and WhatsApp, but with more than a billion users worldwide, Viber is one of the main competitors in the category of Internet calling applications.

Viber software allows smartphone users to make free voice and video calls to anywhere in the world, and send free instant messages with multimedia attachments.

Viber uses your mobile phone number to identify you on the network and allows you to communicate with VoIP for free to bypass the mobile operator, and VoIP technology means the protocol for making Internet calls, VoIP has been known as the most successful technology in the past decade.

Features Viber app for iPhone

  • Viber app is available for most platforms including iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry.
  • No need to register with usernames, passwords, or aliases, just use your mobile phone number.
  • You can make unlimited free voice and video calls and send text messages to other Viber users anywhere in the world.
  • There is the ability to send bulk text messages.
  • You can make cheap calls to landline and mobile phone numbers, not just to the numbers on Viber.
  • You do not need to register or log in when using the service, once you download the application to your device, you are asked to enter your phone number and you will be given an access code through an SMS to your phone, which you write inactivation, then your identity is determined by your mobile phone number on the user base Mega Viber.
  • The Viber app is not heavy and gets installed very quickly, it’s easy to use, and runs in the background if you allow it to take advantage of the multitasking you do with your phone.
  • You can create an audio clip by touching the microphone.
  • Viber also allows you to send photos and your locations on maps.
  • Viber also has a desktop and laptop version, so you can stay connected while you use your computer.
  • If you want to call landlines or people who don’t have Viber, you have the option to purchase something called Viber Out, as the app allows you to add money to your Viber Out balance through a pricing plan, and what is nice about this feature is that the app tells you How much will it cost to contact different countries before you spend anything, this means that if you have a friend in London and you are in Egypt, you can know how much credit you will need for the amount of time you want to speak.
  • The app syncs with your contact list, and it automatically detects any contacts that have Viber.

Download Viber app for iPhone

Viber 2021 contains all the default features of messaging apps, you can use Viber like most other messaging apps, you can send text messages, short audio clips, photos and videos from your library, location, and emoji, and Viber Desktop is available for Windows and Mac to make it easy for you to use the app in any time.

You can now download the Viber app to make high-definition voice and video calls to anywhere in the world and send individual and group text messages, just click on the following download icon.

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