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Chat applications are many and varied, including those who achieved wide popularity because of its distinction and its introduction to many of the features that many liked, including other applications that are still competing with major chatting and communication applications. Google, which is supposed to unify the services of chats in an integrated application.

General information about hangouts app

The Hangouts app found contradictory views Some users praised the importance of this program, their reactions were positive and some of them felt dissatisfied, but it is undeniable that many features offered by the hangouts application that works on IOS devices, iPhone and iPad devices.

So the hangouts application is an application that is used for instant messaging, which was designed by Google, provides many other services that may not be provided by the rest of the instant messaging applications, so the application seeks to add more interesting features, thanks to those features the application will be able to send and receive images And the “emoji” smiles in chats, where the Hang Outs app contains more than 100 emoji, the ability to take direct photos and send them is available in the Hangouts application when conducting conversations and can send the photos in the iPhone and iPad photo gallery.

Hangouts app features

  • Hangouts app can be installed on iPhone mobile phones and iPad tablets, and hangouts can also be downloaded to a computer.
  • By using the Hangouts app, users can send text messages via the text chat feature, and voice chats and conversations can also be made via video camera, in addition to the ability to send pictures and videos if they are recorded from the phone’s camera or stored in the iPhone device’s studio.
  • Group video calls can be made as up to 10 people can be added to the hangouts app.
  • Hang Out 2021 application provides an important feature which is the message sending feature even when offline.
  • One of the advantages of hangouts is the ability to recover all conversations, photos, and videos even if the phone is lost, then the application can be accessed from another device and restore all the conversations, including the data.
  • Hangouts app can share photos as files similar to the IOS Stream app.
  • Each contact on the iPhone will have a personal photo or a complete profile, by using the hangouts application, and the names of the contacts can be modified as desired.
  • It allows annoying contacts to be blocked.
  • This application will inform you about who is logged in from friends, or when they are in writing mode, if you have contacted them before, and also allows the ability to know when they have read the messages.
  • The chat pages in the hangouts app are beautiful and elegantly designed, where messages appear in the form of simple and elegant cards, much like Google Now cards.

Download and install Hangouts app

  • Hangouts can be downloaded by clicking on the download icon below this text, or by entering the ITUNES app installed on iPhone or iPad.
  • The installation file can be downloaded by logging into the Apple Store service and searching the application list. When you click on Get hangouts application, the file will start downloading.
  • Wait a little while the file is in the list of downloaded files, then click on it to start the installation, you must now agree to the terms of application, then start the installation.
  • Seconds, the Hangouts app will be ready to use, just keep logging in, starting chatting with friends, and having fun.

So Hangouts app is an instant messaging application designed by Google, it provides the ability to conduct personal and group conversations through a simple and distinct user interface that works on all iPhone and iPad devices and on devices running the IOS system, hangouts has many features that made it among the list of the best chat applications For iPhone.

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