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When you’re in a bad mood, or you want to chat with someone and get answers to your various questions, simply download the SimSimi app, and start a conversation with this cool little robot, your chat session starts by touching the screen to be welcomed by a robot Chat named SimSimi, replies are fast and feel unique.

Introducing SimSimi app for iPhone

You can teach him good words, and report bad words, everyone will be happy when using the fun SimSimi app and deal with it, an SMS app for iPhone based on artificial intelligence techniques, you are chatting with a robot that has many and many answers that you will love to tell you about, SimSimi for iPhone is Free chat app, you can talk to SimSimi anytime, anywhere, you can also teach SimSimi some words, and it has a lot of fun features that you will definitely like.

Features of SimSimi app for iPhone 2020

  • If you are talking to SimSimi and tell you a bad word or a nabi verb, you can immediately report that word to be deleted, as the app deletes any bad word reported by two who use the app from two different devices, you can enable or disable the bad expressions filter From settings.
  • What’s great about this modern robot is that its vocabulary and reactions will grow and increase the more you use it, the more you talk to it, the more words you will learn from you, the more you teach it your words as well as other users who submit their words to SimSimi, which increases his vocabulary.
  • If you are having a conversation with SimSimi and his answer is “I have no response,” then you can “teach” SimSimi how to answer with the request and answer feature.
  • The user interface is kept very simple, as all of your focus in the application will be on your conversation with SimSimi, and the graphic version of SimSimi is nice and fun and you will enjoy seeing it on the screen.
  • SimSimi app is available for use on iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad devices with iOS 4.3 or later operating systems.

Simsimi or Siri in iPhone 4S

Download Simsimi, a Korean synthetic app, often compared to Siri for iPhone 4S, which interacts with iPhone users through the use of an advanced form of artificial intelligence.

Simsimi offers many crazy and fun conversations on iPhone and Android devices, Simsimi has become a very popular app; It was already used by 2.7 million users around the world, although originally it was just a simple chat service with which you can interact with a fun digital friend.

But many users say Simsimi is a particularly attractive app due to the availability of iPhone and Android devices, and they also see that Simsimi’s ability to make conversation is actually better than Siri; Because of the advanced nature of AI used in Simsimi, he is better able to have an interesting conversation, as it relies on a record of the millions of chat conversations users have had with Simsimi since its creation and release in 2002.

Download SimSimi app for iPhone 2020

SimSimi is the great chatting application for your iPhone, it will answer your questions with fun notes, the application contains a chat box to speak with SimSimi, and its vocabulary will expand and grow depending on the words that you will speak with it, you can even teach him new words or responses if he does not There was no suitable answer for your question, you can now download the amazing SimSimi app for iPhone by pressing the following download icon.

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