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UC Browser

Download the UC Browser 2021 browser, which is a browser that works on iPhone and iPad devices, and on devices running the IOS system, this application is one of the most effective and fast performance browsers, this application has spread greatly, especially in the early periods of its start as it was considered one of the most important applications at the time Currently, the functionality of the UC-browser application includes the feature of accessing Internet pages, browsing websites, and the ability to download all files from photos, videos, and music clips as well. Novels and books can be downloaded through it and many of the features that we will learn about in the next lines.

General information about UC Browser app:

The UC-browser application was designed according to the Java programming language and was developed by UCWeb, the first version of it was issued in 2004, specifically in July, after which many changes were made over the years. In 2010, UC presented its first application in a store Apple, this application that works on the IOS system and in application stores, and this application is now available to work on Android, iPhone, and iPad devices.

How UC Browser works

The UC-browser application quickly loads the web content due to the technology it follows which is the cloud acceleration technology, and the application is also characterized intelligently as it can work in different environments from the internet, the UC-browser helps in downloading files with multiple formats in addition to providing it to many applications such as Cloud sync applications.

UC Browser app features

  • The UC-browser application is the fastest application in the cloud download system, and it is used on mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, and other devices running the IOS system.
  • Ability to store the pages that were opened, the UC-browser application can store the last 20 pages that have been browsed, thus it is possible to refer to them at any time.
  • The UC-browser application allows immediate navigation between the recently visited pages without re-downloading them, meaning that in the event that you browse one of the pages and you exit from the application and then the internet is interrupted, you can return to the page and follow up on it while the internet connection returns.
  • The UC-browser application enables viewing of documents in all formats such as Word, Excel, pdf, and Zip and RAR compressed files.
  • One of the advantages of the UC-browser application is the ability to download files from the Internet and not to stop them in the event that the internet stops, but the download can be resumed after the network returns, so many suffer from this problem with other browsers. When the internet is interrupted, the browser does not complete the download but starts it from the beginning.
  • UC-browser application, despite its speedy loading of pages and files, saves battery and power consumption and makes battery power more powerful.
  • UC-browser app has a bedtime system, whose principle is based on reducing screen illumination while browsing sites through it, which also contributes to increasing download speed and maintaining battery life.

Download and install the UC Browser app

UC-browser application works on iPhone, iPad and all iOS devices, so it can be downloaded through the ITUNES application, or through the Apple Store.
But the easiest way is to download the application by clicking on the download icon below this text, then clicking on it will start downloading the application directly.
Waiting for a little while, the installation file will be ready, and by clicking on it the application can be installed, by agreeing to the terms of the application the installation will start, you should wait some time while the application is ready to use.

The application has a graphical interface that is easy to use and anyone who is not an expert in dealing with browsers can use it, and it is free that works on IOS devices and on iPad and iPhone devices, and the UC-browser is also characterized by speed of performance and loading.

App Info

Name: UC Browser
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Op. System: Iphone
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applicationCategory: BrowserApplication
Developer: Uptodown.com
Source: https://itunes.apple.com/es/app/uc-browser-fast-browsing-powerful/id1048518592?mt8

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