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Download YouTube for Android for free: 2021 Youtube application is an application to watch videos and share them with others easily, and it also provides many options for watching videos, including accuracy.

And the YouTube application is one of the distinguished applications for the youth category, as it provides them with everything they need from various different media.

The YouTube program allows searching for videos through a specific window at the top of the application, enabling the user to use different filters to access what he is looking for easily and in a short time.

YouTube history and how to create it

YouTube Download Application YouTube YouTube was initially established in 2005 by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim who are former employees of PayPal e-finance company. They bought the domain and were already launched in February of 2005, and it opened a pilot in May of the same year. , And formally in November of the same year.

Jawed Karim, who was originally from Lebanon, had the honor to upload the first video on the site, titled “Me at the zoo”, in April 2005.

YouTube has evolved digitally

Download the YouTube app for Android, the latest version of 2019: YouTube developed gradually, which was acquired by Google from the beginning, as the number of views of YouTube videos in 2006 reached 100 million daily and the number of videos on it reached 6.1 billion videos, and in January 2008 the number of users reached 79 users in one month, and in March of the same year, the site cost 1 billion dollars a day.

The most viewed video on YouTube was “Baby” by singer Justin Bieber, where 800 million people watched it, then he reached the record of the South Korean clip “Gangnam Style”, which reached two billion views in 2014, but the song “Despacito” broke the record with four billion views.

Youtube has many benefits

  • Easily access the various videos the user is searching for.
  • A home page that includes weighted videos of a user’s personality, depending on his own taste from the videos he watched previously.
  • The weighting of private channels is similar to the videos the user watches.
  • Easy access to favorite channels through a specific subscription tab.
  • Search for videos previously viewed, viewed, or liked by the user via a different tab.
  • The ability to give friends the opportunity to know which videos the user liked, commented on, or shared.
  • The opportunity to download and upload any video clip through the application, and edit it as well, using a special editor and through filters, and music can be added.
  • The possibility of profit from the YouTube application by raising educational videos, marketing, and profit from the accompanying ads.
  • The YouTube app respects the privacy of the user, and therefore it prohibits any user who uploads videos that have copyright to track any party, or violates the privacy of any other person who reports it.

New features for the YouTube app

  • Added an application’s Night Mode feature, to maintain the app’s visibility.
  • Control the playback speed of videos through several speeds.
  • The ability to choose the accuracy of the video clip when watching, depending on the quality of the Internet service, with many options for the video’s accuracy.
  • Add the in-app chat feature in one group.
  • The ability to share the video clip within the application via a group of friends without the need to use another application.

Profit from YouTube

By creating a YouTube channel and uploading educational videos, you can make some money according to the number of visits. If you are interested in learning more about ways to make money from the internet, see the article on profit from the internet that was previously published in Koji Tech.

As for the shortcomings of the Youtube application for Android, they are:
Videos cannot be played in the background of the phone, for example, you cannot listen to a YouTube clip while working on the phone, which is a defect that YouTube is avoiding in the upcoming features.
YouTube app is one of the most time-consuming applications without the user’s will, due to the website’s weighting of various videos that encourage the user to continue on the site.
Sometimes the ads increase before the videos, and the most annoying thing is separating the video and showing the ads inside the video.

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Op. System: Android
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Developer: http://Google%20Inc.

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