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MX Player

Download the MX player program for Android with a direct link: Video playback applications for Android have varied greatly in recent times, and there have been many gigantic players that have been developed by companies or volunteer developers, and the MX player 2021 is one of the best such applications ever, as this application provides The free video player has dozens of important features that many video player apps don’t provide, even the paid ones.

Features of MX Player 2018 Video Player

Download MX Player for Android latest version 2018: MX Player 2021 supports playback of many known video formats, and it shows you all the videos on your device when you open it, and in several views. Writes the word NEW in red when there is a new video in the device so that you can know and watch that video immediately. It is also not only used for video playback, but also for playing audio files, as MX Player can play most audio file formats without problems and with high professionalism.

MX Player resumes the video the next time it is played again or starts over again as desired. For example, if you are watching a movie using the application and an emergency command occurred, and you had to close the program and go, the application when you run the same file again asks you whether you want to resume from where the movie stopped or you want to play from the beginning if it annoys you the window that appears when you start Each video of your question about resume and redo. You can easily mark the tab in the window to remember the command you selected the next time and not show the window.

You can also change the template in which the application displays its content, for example, you can choose a black and green template or red and black or red only according to your taste, the MX player supports video playback with three codecs: HW, HW + and SW. If the video does not work on the HW codec, you can use either HW + or SW to play the video. Audio playback is supported by two codecs, HW and SW.

More features of Android Video Player apk

Download the video player program in all formats for mobile and if the video you are watching contains more than one audio track, you can switch between tracks easily by pressing the audio mark on the top and right of the screen when you watch the video in landscape mode. MX Player Video File Player provides the ability to play subtitle files with video. There are various movies that may be on your device, but they are usually not subtitled.

In this case, you can download the subtitle file from the internet and add it to the video via this application so that the translation will be shown below. You can also control the color of the subtitles, the font size, where it will appear, and much more. This video playback program for Android can play video files in high quality such as 720P, 1080P, or even higher, depending on your device’s specifications.

You can easily zoom in and out and shift the video display as you like. And if you want to search for an event in a specific video, the MX player will definitely help you in this task, as the program provides you with the ability to search the video by placing your finger on the screen somewhere and dragging it to the right or left.

If the image is not compatible with the audio, you can effortlessly solve this problem. This application enables you to delay or forward the audio from the video through an easy-to-use tool included in it. The same applies to translation.

Disadvantages of the MX player

  • In the old versions, it played almost all video formats, but now it no longer supports very many formats.
  • Sometimes it only plays the video image but not the sound, and sometimes the opposite.
  • When playing a video on the Internet most of the time problems happen, and many times the MX player cannot play video from the Internet.
  • It does not display the video in a window that floats on the screen as some other competing software does.
  • It does not work well on devices with weak capabilities and needs a rather powerful device.

Should you try MX player?

In fact, you don’t have to try it, but rather you should make it a basic program in your device. MX Player is a great application for almost all types of Android devices, as it saves you a lot of time, effort, and money, so what are you waiting for! Go and install it from Google Play immediately.

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Name: MX Player
Version: 1.47.0
Size: 54.39 MB
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Op. System: Android
applicationCategory: MultimediaApplication
Developer: J2 Interactive

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