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Download the 2021 XPlayer program for Android for free. The local video watching application is very important. You have XPlayer among the most highly rated applications on Google Play, and this will not be strange to you when you know the features that it enjoys, especially as it is a free application and available on many Arab sites on the Internet.

XPlayer application features

  • XPlayer is free.
  • The application can open many video formats such as MP4, AVI, TS, and others.
  • When you open a video again, it will resume playing from where it left off.
  • Video plays in high resolution, and the maximum resolution that it plays without problems depends on the capabilities of your device.
  • You can easily play the last clip you played again by clicking on its icon or thumbnail in the main application window.
  • XPlayer automatically recognizes the videos on your device when you open it.
  • The application places folders containing videos, and inside the videos.
  • The application interface is beautiful, elegant, and attractive.
  • The word New grabs the eye for new videos or folders with new videos.
  • Display the number of videos in a folder, by typing their number next to the folder name.

Other more important features of XPlayer

  • It provides two video playback coders, one called HW and the other SW. When the video does not work on the first encoder, the application uses the other encoder automatically.
  • Video volume can be doubled, this is excellent, and helps overcome many inconveniences caused by unheard sound.
  • You can lock the videos with a four-digit secret code, where the videos that you want to lock are transferred to a private folder that cannot be opened without entering the secret code. The private folder can also be opened by the email that XPlayer requests you to enter when you first lock a video file.
  • You can search the videos to save time and effort. The application process is characterized by speed and dynamism, whereby the application searches every time you add or delete a letter, number or symbol from the search box.
  • You can turn on XPlayer’s Night Mode to make your eyes comfortable.
  • The application supports the ability to play the video in the background or play it in a floating window on the screen.
  • The timer in the program allows you to pause the video after a time set by you, or when the current video ends.
  • You can control the speed of the video display easily, and you can control the lighting with which the video is displayed.
  • Download video player program all formats for mobile

Play the video with a floating window

Download the video player program 2021 for Android The video play tool with a floating window provides you with many advantages, including the ability to watch the video while you are browsing the Internet or Facebook.
You can display the video in a floating window on the screen in the XPlayer application by playing the video using the program normally, then clicking on the arrow-like signal, then clicking on Run Window.

Disadvantages of the XPlayer application

  • It contains ads that may bother you.
  • It does not work on all Android devices properly.
  • It requires relatively high memory and consumes more device resources.
  • Some differences between XPlayer and MX player

Download video player program for Android

These two applications are very similar to each other, but there are some basic differences between them, as the XPlayer application supports playback of video formats not supported by the MX player, so this is an important point for XPlayer. The MX player consumes fewer device resources than XPlayer usually consumes, and the MX player is better for devices that do not have high capabilities such as devices that run old Android systems. According to many users, XPlayer is more stable than the MX player.

App Info

Name: XPlayer
Size: 21.03 MB
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Op. System: Android
applicationCategory: MultimediaApplication
Developer: XPlayer

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