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Download Xapk installer = For Android

Download xapk installer apk 2019 Did you encounter a problem not to run a mobile game after downloading it? When trying to use a new program on your phone, do you get a message that something is wrong ?! 2021 xapk installer will solve these problems for you. Xapk installer is a modern program launched by the apkpure store staff. Takes little space on your device, only 2.4MB. Android 2.3 or higher required. Before we begin to explain the program, we will make a simple illustration of the concept of xapk.

What does xapk mean?

Xapk is an extension of software files in general and games in particular, which are large in size (greater than 200MB) and that you have downloaded from a third party store. These files consist of the game’s apk file + data files and OBB cache files that store graphics, media and other files.

In other words, it is a compress file like well-known zip files. The function of xapk installer is simply to merge all those files into one file. It should be noted here that the Android system cannot recognize these formulas as files to install programs such as apk files, so it was necessary to find a program to solve this problem, and the apk installer does it ideally.

xapk installer program

Xapk installer is your tool to convert apps and games format from xapk to apk or in other words decompress it. This happens by reading the phone’s memory and the external memory and finding all the available programs with the xapk extension and then choosing you to install or delete them. All with the press of a button instead of the traditional and old manual methods.

How to use xapk installer app

The way the program works is easy and intuitive, but we will explain in detail the steps that you must follow in order for things to become clear to you.

  1. Download the program from here because it is not available on the Google Play Store, as it makes it easier to use other stores competing with it.
  2. Install the program on your phone or tablet, then open it.
  3. Click the menu icon, then choose scan SD card.
  4. The xapk files on your device will appear inside the application as the program or game icon and its name as well. Below it appears two options for install or delete to delete.
  5. Click on install, and the program will automatically convert the file format from xapk to apk and transfer the data and OBB files to the game file.

Note: To see the details of any program from within the xapk installer, click on its icon from within the application, and some information about the program such as version and size will appear, and to know more details click on more info.

Xapk installer features

The application is characterized by many advantages that you will feel yourself, including:

  • Totally free.
  • Very simple and easy to use.
  • In addition to the large software or game install function, you can also delete unwanted applications.
  • You can also download programs and games available with the xapk extension.

Do not wait and download it as soon as possible to deposit the problem of install errors in xapk format easily and quickly. You will discover for yourself how special your needs are, if you love video games on the phone. You will also see how simple it is to use without any complications.

App Info

Name: Xapk installer
Version: 3.1.5
Size: 4.77MB
Views: 0
Op. System: Android
applicationCategory: UtilitiesApplication
Developer: rovo89

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