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Download Google Play Games program for Android. Google Play Games application is a Google application for online gaming services via the Android operating system.

The application offers the possibility of team games for video games, with advantages to save the data and successes that the player is creating each time and to save the points he has reached, as well as making comparisons between the player and his friends.

Google Play Games app can be considered the social media network for video game players, which is similar to the Game Center of Apple devices, as it is a powerful way to communicate players and make comparisons and challenges between them in all games.

Google Play Games application includes many different games within multiple rankings and divisions, some of which are free games that are less, others are paid games, and in multiple languages.

The genesis of the Google Play Games app

Download Google Play Games The idea of ​​the Google Play Games application, Google Play Games, appeared in the Google I / O Developers Conference in 2013, and Google had already started working on it to launch it in July of the same year.

Google Play Games app benefits

  • Discover new video games that are favorable for the user, depending on his taste in games he previously played through the application.
  • Maintain the achievements that the player has reached in the games each time, to continue playing where he ended with the beginning of each time.
  • There is an opportunity for the player to win many updates and prizes set by the games or Google itself, which are added to the player’s profile.
  • The presence of specific games that do not require an Internet connection, as it can be played “Offline”, which are old classic games such as “Solitaire, Snake, and Cricket”.
  • The ability to see the latest games that the player has played, by just opening the Google Play Games app.
  • All the different games can be accessed through the main page of the application through the “Library” tab.
  • The ability to discover new games by opening the Google Play Games application and clicking on “Players” in the bottom left of the main page of the application.
  • Learn about common games in an application through the categories assigned to them, including “popular games”, “new games” and “games suitable for children”.

Google Play Games app benefits for communication between players

  • Add a player’s profile, as the app adds a player profile showing the player’s name, level of performance, and skills.
  • The ability to participate in multiplayer games and engage friends in it remotely.
  • The app allows getting to know your friends’ preferences, and there is a special section for games that have received the best New-Trending Ratings.
  • Share the user’s best gameplay shots via the media and via the Google Play Games app profile.
  • Game Gifts feature, a feature that allows the player to send virtual gifts of games to friends.
  • The ability to play against other players from other operating systems, whether “Windows” computers or iOS devices.
  • Ease of holding challenges between players of friends.

The process of entering the Google Play Games application using a personal profile is an optional process, whereby the user can choose to enter without a name, but entering without registering the profile or “profile” deprives the player of several features, including:

  • Preventing the player from participating in the leaderboards or placing his name on the games honor list.
  • Failure to record any achievement that the player achieves during play.
  • Preventing the player’s achievements from being saved and their accessibility during play, where every time the application opens the game starts playing again without saving the way it was.
  • The inability of the player to compete with other players.
  • Prevent the player from playing team games with real players, where to get that feature other players must know user information.

App Info

Name: Google Play Games
Version: 2022.03.34949 (449489526.449489526-000300)
Size: 18.98 MB
Views: 2
Op. System: Android
applicationCategory: GameApplication
Developer: Google Inc.

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