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Download the TutuApp for Android 2020, Tutuapp is a popular application store that follows Aptoide. If you are a fan of technology and the application world, in particular, this program is for you. Millions of Android and iOS phone holders alike use tutuapp to download the many great games and programs inside it.

Once “smart” mobile devices started to emerge, private stores began offering various useful programs that included a more convenient work with gadgets. However, some programs and services are not supported by Google services on a tablet or smartphone due to differences in usage policies, so TutuApp comes to fill this deficiency.

TutuApp is a convenient store, which is a very safe alternative to classic markets, where every installed application is scanned for viruses and other harmful elements, users can now download a wide range of games, applications, phone cleaners and other services that help users.

The latest version of tutuapp 3.0

This version includes three additional features over the previous version:

  • Eliminate the problem of not being able to download some programs in certain countries.
  • The apps it contains have the highest security.
  • The ability to add new applications by users.

Features to download the Chinese Bunny Store for Android tutuapp

In addition to what we mentioned about the features of the last version, the Rabbit Program has the following characteristics:

  • You can download programs and games for free, even those paid on the Play Store without paying a single dollar, or venture to open the root of your device. All this after downloading the Bunny 2021 program for free with a direct link
  • Use it without creating an account ensuring your privacy. But if you want, you can create more than one account!
  • It doesn’t take much space on your phone.
  • Download tutuapp apk It does the same job as phone cleaning software, it scans unwanted and unused data. And it cleans phone memory which definitely improves your device’s performance.
  • Supports seven languages ​​other than English, including Arabic.
  • You can set it to automatically update applications if upgrades are available.
  • Any program contains a brief description, you can review screenshots and download them for review.
  • There is also a “Queue” section, that is, you can download several applications at one time, however, the system will download them one by one; This will avoid overloading the device, and the download will happen at high speed and without any defects.
  • This store has already gained popularity around the world because it has become a safe and reliable service.

Download Tutuapp Bunny Store on your Android phone

  • Return your phone to download unknown source software, then download the application.
  • Being an online store, you will definitely need to allow it several requirements, which are:
  1. Access to other applications to notify you of available updates as they become available.
  2. Take pictures and videos so you can access any application via the barcode feature.
  3. Access your contacts and read your text messages so that you can share the tutuapp with them if you want.
  4. Reach your location for promotions.
  5. After downloading the Chinese Bunny Store for Android, you can modify or delete the contents of the external memory to clear the cash data.
  6. Know the phone status to shutdown during voice communication.
  • Install the program, then enjoy the tons of applications and games it contains.

Rabbit program guide for Android when first downloading it

You will not find it difficult to use it, it is very similar to other stores.

  • When you log in, you will be directed to the home page. You will find applications and games that the store recommends to you based on the number of times it is downloaded or evaluated. It also shows you groups of similar applications.
  • You can browse more specifically by choosing two games or programs pages, which are divided into: the most downloaded and rated, the new, or divided into groups according to their type to facilitate access to what you want specifically.
  • You can access the program or game by using the search bar at the top of the page as well.
  • Each program or game in the store has an arrangement among other apps, you can know by viewing the rankings page.
  • The store has a great forum in which you can share your inquiries, opinions, or anything you want with other users. As well as getting to know in depth the store and its contents. The forum is divided into sections of games, programs, and common questions.

It remains to mention one point, which is that the application has two versions, one is free, which we talked about, and the other is, which is of course paid and does not contain ads but it is only available in Chinese! Now we have talked about tutuapp in all its aspects. We hope that things are clear to you about that wonderful store which we recommend you download to enjoy the very rich content inside.

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Developer: 深圳兔讯科技有限公司

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