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Google Play services

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Download Google Play services = For Android

Download Google Play Service for Android 2021 is a free application for Android phones from Google, adding the possibilities of updating various Google applications as well as applications from the Google store.

And the application of Google services is the latest between the various Google applications, and it facilitates the integration processes between the different Google applications, and also contributes to the speed of synchronization work for those applications.

Google Play services application can be considered as a facility to engage with the Google App Store, and also works to give Google applications a priority in use while improving their experience.

Download Google Play Service for BlackBerry and it is an application installed in all Android smartphones that were launched recently, so it does not need a special formula to deal with it, just open it after opening the phone with the user’s Gmail, and it will work through it easily.

The genesis of the Google Play services app

Download the google play service program for Android, the latest version. Google has developed Google Play services as a background service and was launched for the first time in 2012 for quick access to the Google Plus application.

The service has gradually expanded to include all the services of Google Inc., to facilitate rapid communication with various Google applications.

Download the new Google Play Service program starting in April 2018, users have proven the service more than five billion times over Android devices for the beta version of the application, which was officially launched in May of the same year.

Advantages of the application Google services store

  • Authenticate Google services with contacts on the phone, to sync them and access privacy settings.
  • Improving Google Play services mainly for Google applications, along with other applications.
  • Speed ​​up app searches, especially offline while offline
  • The Google Play services app allows you to play different games with a better and faster experience.
  • Provide better, comprehensive and clear maps thanks to the Google services application.
  • The Google Play services application provides the phone with a permanent and immediate update, as the applications are always in its final update.
  • Google services authentication through the Google services application.
  • Facilitating access to the privacy settings that the user has installed in the latest privacy update.
  • The ability to search easily on the phone, between files and different applications.

Important information about the Google Play services app

  • Google Play services application works in the background of the Android phone, whether or not the user runs it, it works in the background and contributes to solving many application problems.
  • The Google Play services app cannot be disabled. Otherwise, most Google apps and services will be shut down. It is a basic app.
  • Google Play services application is the application concerned with making other applications on the phone by integrating it with Google services, it is the application responsible for the work of “Uber and Karim” applications with Google Maps for the appearance of the user’s location and the location going to him, as well as display the location of the next car, where the company sends “Uber or Karim” “The information is combined with Google Maps to appear to the user easily.”
  • It is the main application in activating the Google Assistant for pre-Android versions.
  • Google Play services app is the application that makes any previous version of the Android operating system works with the latest applications and activates its features.

Problems to implement Google Play services

The Google Play services app faces problems that lead to the suspension of some Google services without justification, and those problems can be solved easily by scanning “cache memory and data” for the applications to work normally.

This can be done through simple steps by entering the Settings menu, then entering the Apps Manager and choosing the Google Play Services application, after that you must click on Storage and choose Manage Space then choose to clear all data and confirm this by pressing On OK.

Preventing permissions from the Google Play services application leads to stop working applications, as it is the application responsible for allowing the various Google applications to operate, and there is no validity for any information about the application spying on users through the contacts and camera permissions, but they are permissions that allow other applications to work.

App Info

Name: Google Play services
Version: 22.18.20 (040300-451484765)
Size: 87.69MB
Views: 0
Op. System: Android
applicationCategory: UtilitiesApplication
Developer: Google Inc.

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