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App China

Download the app store china app is a competing store app for the official Google play store, Google Play, which is the biggest supporter of apps for work in China.

The biggest feature of downloading App China app for Android is that it includes a number of paid apps via Google Play, for free download via the Chinese store.

The App China app is a Chinese store that was uploaded to the Google Play Store a while ago, but it is now available in the APEC format via more than one famous site, and the Chinese store is raised in its mother tongue and then translated into Japanese, but it is now available in the APEC format in Arabic due to the transfer of one of its programmers in Arabic to allow the opportunity For Arabs to benefit from it.

The application includes very large numbers of applications and games with books and novels, all of which are offered free of charge, and because downloading applications through the Chinese store is difficult, the application plays an explanatory role for all steps that the user must follow.

The advantages of downloading App China

Easy access to desired applications

By opening App China store for the first time, the user feels that he can easily access the application he wants due to its division of applications into easy and organized categories, as it includes the categories of “Recommended Applications, Most Commented Applications” along with the different categories of applications.

Download applications in bulk

We have already mentioned that most of the paid apps via Google Play are available through the App China app for free, but the best feature is the ability to download games or selected apps with one compressed file and it is decompressed after downloading it on the Android phone.

The benefits of blocking ads

One of the discomforts that annoys the user in different applications is the presence of ads that accompany free ads, so blocking ads is an ideal feature, and it does not exist in the Google Play store, where App China can block ads and prevent any secondary windows from opening and it protects the phone from files Harmful.

App China is not just an app

The Chinese application store does not only include applications, but it includes distinctive and more widespread games in addition to other games from non-famous Chinese developers, in addition to it includes a large group of books in multiple languages, with distinctive themes, all of which are free, as it includes applications and games before it descends to all countries It also allows games and applications banned from certain countries without the need for VPN.

Other advantages of App China

  • Download the app china android competitor includes Google Play store a large number of paid games and applications where the store requires payment online to get them, but the App China app provides the same applications and games without any financial compensation.
  • You can download the Chinese Android Store latest version for free with a direct link.
  • The App China application works without the need to root the phones by adding all the powers of the root by downloading the application.
  • After downloading the Chinese app store, China fully Arabized 2020, with a direct link, you will notice that it is distinguished by a distinct user interface, as it was designed in an attractive way for the user, but it is not smooth, but it is possible to search for any kind of applications or search for a specific application suitable for youth groups.
  • Free applications available through the App China free application are safer than using Visa to pay online in addition to saving.
  • App China is very small as it is only 6MB, which is very small.
  • It is characterized by the presence of a large number of applications and their categories vary between communication applications, assistive applications, and games.
  • To download applications from the Chinese store does not require downloading at first, the site can be opened and any of the applications can be downloaded with an account through it, and the account can be created for free.

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