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Download the Chinese tutu helper store for iPhone 2021 First I will talk to you about this wonderful program as an application for iPhone >>> Download paid iPhone applications for free.

The tutu helper for iPhone is the hottest version of one of the most important applications used by users of iPhone devices, and this is because the new Chinese store tutu helper provides millions of people the best iPhone applications, iPhone games, whether free or paid for free without paying any costs or purchase fees.

Tutu helper for Android and iPhone latest version 2020

After downloading the Tutu helper program for Android and iPhone 2021 for free, you will be able to download blocked applications of all kinds, games, and any other categories within the store quite easily, as they are allowed to download applications and games iPhone for free. So today, I present to you the app of the Chinese store or the Chinese rabbit store as some call it.

As this application proved to be a notable success in providing and facilitating downloads of global applications and games for free, thus the TuTu Helper 2021 store was able to impress most of the iPhone users, and the Chinese store 2021 was the latest version that managed to reach the summit among all the programs and applications that work in the same field, TuTu Helper has become one of the best iPhone download stores.

IPhone Store, TuTu Helper, the best Chinese store for iPhone 2020, latest version

The difference between Android stores and iPhone stores

If we do a simple comparison with Android stores, we find that Apple International places many restrictions on the iPhone stores that prevent its users from obtaining applications easily, as it makes a purification for most applications, as it fights strongly to eliminate piracy as well as doubtful applications, while on, On the other hand, we note the presence and availability of many ways to download paid applications for free for Android devices without any complications.

Download Chinese store for iPhone without jailbreak 2020

Because of what was mentioned to you previously in the comparison between the Android market and the iPhone market, we find that the Chinese store TuTu Helper is a powerful and wonderful addition to the iPhone devices as well as the iPad devices, download tutu helper for Android and iPhone 2020, this new store is a distinct launch for smartphones in general and for iPhone and iPad phones in particular, As the Chinese rabbit store TuTu Helper was able to adjust the scales, and this is because it provides all of its users with a free download of applications and benefit from them without having to lose money.

There is no need any longer to jailbreak your device

Download tutu helper store latest version 2021 to download games and applications for free some may say that there are other stores that offer the same service i.e. allows users to download paid applications and games for free for iPhone devices, yes; I agree with that, but you know that most other stores need you to do a mobile phone jailbreak in order to install these stores on your phone.

What is the problem with the jailbreak of my phone !!?

  • I would like to explain to you that there are serious problems that occur as a result of doing this process, which is that by doing a jailbreak of your mobile phone, your phone is deprived of all new updates and improvements launched by Apple, including updates on the security and protection of your phone.
  • It also becomes the guarantee that the company provides on the device is not valid, as in this process you have violated the policy and terms of the guarantee set by the company.
  • According to your exit from the guarantee, you deny yourself the benefit of the technical support provided by the company, and by this the company disclaims responsibility for any damage that may befall your phone.
  • Also, by completing the jailbreak process, your device is exposed to breaking into various viruses, and there are many security holes on your phone.

So the best solution for you is to download tutu helper latest version of 2021 for free, and this is because this wonderful application allows you to download the best applications, games, pictures, chat programs, video call programs, as well as protection programs, … and various other classifications that exist within the store All this you can get for free, just as you are not required to make a jailbreak for your phone. Of course, this is a great advantage because, of course, no one wants to lose the warranty that the company provides, or that your phone is exposed to viruses, or is prevented from benefiting from updates that the company releases from time to time.

The most important features of the Chinese store 2021 TuTu Helper latest version

  • Download tutu helper for Android 2021 to download paid applications and games for free
  • Most smartphone users can download the Chinese Android Store, download the Chinese iPad Store, download the Chinese iPhone Store, as the tutu helper app supports most of the popular smartphones.
  • Tutu helper is one of the strongest and best Chinese stores in existence, and a strong competitor to many other stores, as it surpassed many such as V Share, as well as PP program.
  • Tutu helper program to download paid applications and games for free is considered one of the best programs for safety, as it is completely free from any viruses or any malware. But also, your device must have an anti-virus to protect your phone from any other harmful software.
  • Tutu helper program for iPhone 2021 is one of the best stores that offer you all the paid applications and games for free and with all the features in the official applications which are not free. download tutu helper free

App Store

App Store is one of the famous stores and it has many fans, but there are some problems with this app store which prompted some of its users to download the Chinese store tutu helper. We mention some of the most important defects of the App Store.

We notice in the App Store that there are many applications or paid games, we do not find a free version inside this store on you

  • The new tutu helper, which has free versions of most apps and games.
  • It contains a lot of applications and other different sections but most of them are paid for price and are not free, as, for the Chinese store, we find that it provides most of its applications and games, … and other different sections for 100% free.
  • The Apple store does not provide new updates for some applications until after some time has passed for these updates, while tutu helper for Android 2021 provides most updates of applications and games first hand, and it also provides you with many other useful services.

You can now download tutu helper for Android the latest version for free, which is, of course, the new version which was launched after the previous version >>> download tutu helper for Android 2018.

App Info

Name: Tutu Helper
Version: 7.0
Size: 9.7 MB
Package: com.guidetutuhelper.helper2
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Op. System: Android
applicationCategory: UtilitiesApplication
Developer: Elouajdi Mouad

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