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Turbo VPN – Unlimited Free VPN is one of the most popular VPN applications, which can provide all kinds of sites without any restrictions due to the user’s location.

The Turbo application is the fastest in communication among other similar applications, and it is completely unlimited and free program, and it provides an ideal speed for communication, and is popular among a number of users with the “Rabbit” program or application.

The strength of the Turbo VPN application depends on some countries that prevent specific types of sites, and its strength lies in the ability to connect to the Internet through just one click of a button without the need for logins and agreeing to conditions for accessing files via your phone.

Upgrade to a VIP account

Upgrading to a VIP account reduces and accelerates the number of ads and increases the number of servers and at the same time connects to five devices, this one-month plan costs $ 14.29 (£ 10.99).

Register for one year and the price will drop sharply to (2.75 £) per month.

This paid service provides a fully fast and efficient VPN performance that can be used on both mobile and landline devices.

Why is the Turbo VPN app called a bunny app?

Download the Turbo VPN program for Android Turbo VPN application is the easiest application to know its internet connection and its ability to stop tracking the user’s location or not, through the application’s user interface.

The user interface of the Turbo VPN app changes its appearance according to its Internet connection or not, in the event that the application is not connected to the Internet a picture of the rabbit shadow and a button appears in the center of the carrot, and when you press the button in the carrot, the rabbit moves and runs to start the Internet connection within seconds.

Download the Turbo VPN app for Android and if the Turbo VPN app is already connected to the internet, the user interface is for the rabbit and it is sitting relaxed, which means the ability to browse the internet without tracking the user’s location.

How Turbo VPN keeps your data

Turbo VPN’s privacy policy is based on a small amount of information about the data you collect.

The company developed this policy for Turbo VPN explains in its saying: “We do not collect any information about the websites visited or the user-assigned IP addresses when accessing the VPN Turbo network, as well as regarding our VPN service, we do not collect any data Stored or sent from the device, including data sent by applications on the device through our network “

Advantages of the Bunny Turbo VPN app

  • Turbo VPN is a completely free app that does not require any monthly subscriptions or one-time payment.
  • Turbo VPN is the fastest VPN app out there, expressed by the bunny icon chosen by its developer.
  • It is the easiest to use application and the fastest to call, as it can be contacted with the click of a button.
  • Turbo VPN application offers integrated network protection, as it protects the Wi-Fi network and prevents its tracking, for safe browsing.
  • Integrated data encryption using OpenVPN (UDP / TCP) protocols, a feature not available for competing applications of the Turbo VPN app.
  • The Turbo VPN app works with Wi-Fi, LTE, and 3G and is compatible with all mobile operators in the world.
  • The ability of the Turbo VPN app can unblock videos, which are blocked for specific countries.
  • The app can bypass various firewalls, as it works as a free school VPN server for Wi-Fi and school computers.
  • It is an application that protects privacy, it provides complete security for the user’s personal information such as name, email and credit cards, and no one can re-access that personal information from the sites that they previously accessed through the Turbo VPN application.
  • There are no bandwidth restrictions that can prevent you.

Disadvantages of the Turbo VPN app

  • The Turbo VPN app does not work in China, and it is one of the countries most in need to use VPN applications in it, as the country prevents access to a large number of necessary sites and services such as Google and Facebook services.
  • At times, the “TurboVPN” application does not connect to the Internet without any apparent reasons, and is believed to be problems that are kept up to date in the application updates.
  • Some users of the Turbo VPN application are wrong with the necessity to choose the country through which they will enter each time the user enters through the application, as it takes some time each time, and they demanded to select the country for one time and in case of needing to change it the user will do it manually.
  • Some users who frequently use the turbo application complained that sometimes the application stops working after entering only half an hour, which is a problem they see as an attempt to force them to buy the paid version.
  • Users of the Turbo application are required to add an automatic call feature via the app instead of calling it every time.

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