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ExpressVPN 2019 Express VPN is one of the most popular programs to provide a virtual private network which is a network to block your data and show other data and use this service to enter blocked sites in your country or withhold your data, and Express VPN is one of the best programs that provide this service as it provides many It is a fast server in many countries and provides strong protection and blocking of your data.

How to use EXPRESS VPN app

First, download the Express VPN Download 2021 download with permanent activation.
Then choose the plan that’s right for you.
Then download the program and then install it on your device.
Finally, choose the country you want, then choose the server and make the connection.

  • Features of downloading the Express VPN for 2021 app for free
  • Express VPN 2021 features fast 24/7 support via live chat.
  • Express VPN 2021 features over 90 countries and over 150 servers.
  • Supports all operating systems (Windows – Mac – Android – Linux)
  • It does not record or save your browsing data.
  • Download Express VPN allows torrent files to be downloaded.
  • Two persons can be registered in the same account at the same time.
  • There is a 30-day warranty period, while the Express VB service if you don’t like it, can get your money back
  • Express VPN gives you unlimited traffic.
  • It provides you with your own anonymous proxy.
  • It has servers for Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia, a feature that is not found in most VPN services.
  • Express VPN 2021 provides high internet speed, due to the quality of the servers.
  • express VPN free download apk has Kill switch feature

Disadvantages of Express in PN

The price of the service is the only drawback, as its price is prohibitive in relation to other VPN services and programs.


Express VPN has three plans to choose from:

  • The first plan: a month-long subscription at $ 12.95.
  • The second plan: a 12-month subscription at $ 8 per month.
  • The third plan: 6-month subscription at $ 10 per month.

The service is not cheap, but it deserves what you pay for in protection, speed and many servers

App Info

Name: ExpressVPN
Version: 10.38.0
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Package: com.expressvpn.vpn
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Op. System: Android
applicationCategory: UtilitiesApplication
Developer: ExpressVPN

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