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Hotspot Shield VPN

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Download Hotspot Shield VPN = For Android

Download Hotspot Shield for free with a direct link Hotspot Shield VPN application is a dedicated application to browse the Internet without tracking the user’s location, and also allows opening all the blocked sites depending on the site, as it makes the user anonymous in front of the sites the user accesses.

Download Hotspot 2021 Hotspot Shield VPN works as a virtual network like many competing applications, it protects the user from the possibility of tracking, and it also protects it from hackers and hackers, where his full information is completely protected.

Downloading the Hotspot Shield program for Android for free is a hotspot shield application that does not need difficult settings, it is easy to operate and work, and it also includes a large number of features that qualify it to compete strongly with other applications, and the most important of these features is the protection of the Internet connection and notifications that confirm the protection of the connection or not.

Hotspot Shield VPN app features

  • Hotspot Shield VPN is a VPN app that offers open blocking of all blocked sites in any geographical location.
  • The application offers the ability to fully encrypt the user’s traffic so that no hacker or hacker can access the original user’s website, and through the encryption traffic, you can access multimedia, websites, and even messages blocked from a geographical location.
  • It is one of the few applications that cover most of the countries of the world, as Hotspot Shield can work in China unlike most of the competing applications, along with 20 other countries.
  • The application is one of the strong insurance elements for its users, as it hides the identity of the device connected to the Internet, and eliminates any attempts to track and piracy which gives more privacy.
  • Hotspot Shield VPN is the most stable VPN app, as the application session continues to prevent tracking throughout the user’s presence on other apps that call for limited periods.
  • Hotspot Shield VPN servers do not save user records or data, or any information about it, nor do they keep user activities via the app.
  • The free Hotspot Shield VPN app includes many different features, and it continues to work forever without stopping, while the Elite paid upgrade provides other benefits.

Users trust Hotspot Shield VPN

The app has been downloaded more than 400 million times, which means it is one of the most trusted VPN applications, and it is considered by a number of the best American media outlets including CNN and The New York Times.
Hotspot Shield VPN provides full email customer support, responds quickly to clients, and solves their problems.

How does Hotspot Shield VPN work?

Download the hotspot program for Android, the latest version for free. The Hotspot Shield VPN application works through a special application proxy called and VPN agent, which is a company completely free product, which adds the advantages of speed and stability to communication, along with insurance.

Features of the free version of the Hotspot Shield VPN app

  • The free version of the Hotspot Shield app offers the ability to open all blocked websites around the world, whether websites or applications.
  • The free version of the app includes ads but does not disturb the user.
  • Elite version of the Hotspot Shield VPN app

Download hotspot shield launcher to open blocked sites

Elite Edition is a paid subscription with a monthly subscription that renews automatically and provides several advantages, including:

  • The Elite version of the Hotspot Shield VPN app allows access to blocked sites through 20 other geographic locations including sites in America, Britain, Japan, India, Australia, Canada, China, Turkey, and Ukraine without any ads.
  • Paid accounts from the Hotspot Shield app support its work on 5 smart devices together “smartphones, tablets, personal computers”.
  • Elite version of the application offers a temporary subscription feature for free to try the version, which is for one week only, so that the user is sure of his decision to subscribe to the paid version.

App Info

Name: Hotspot Shield VPN
Version: 9.3.0
Size: 38.6MB
Views: 0
Op. System: Android
applicationCategory: SecurityApplication
Developer: AnchorFree GmbH

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