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Sweet Selfie

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Download sweet selfie program for Android 2021 Sweet Selfie application is one of the distinctive filters and stickers applications for selfies, as it is considered the first cosmetic application around the world, and it is the fifth application in the world in the category of photos through Google Play Store in more than 50 countries around the world, and it is the best Applications for 2016 on Google Play.

Download sweet selfie candy new name program, through the Sweet Selfie app, 10 million users around the world take their personal photos every day.

Download Sweet Selfie program for Android 2021 includes the application of Sweet Selfie, dedicated to beautifying and bleaching, and setting makeup tools in full, with the addition of eyelashes, and can also reduce and enlarge the features of the face, blush, and other adjustments.

Sweet Selfie Features

  • Sweet Selfie includes a large number of filters and filters, numbering more than 100 filters to beautify and modify selfies, which gives a kind of automatic beautification of the user’s selfies.
  • Download Sweet Selfie for free with a direct link
  • Sweet Selfie app added a set of stickers for pets, as well as familiar and distinctive stickers for tattoo and hairstyles.
  • Sweet Camera application has the “make-up” feature, which enables the user to choose, install, and change different makeup styles periodically to bring pictures to life.
  • Download the program to add effects to pictures for free
  • Sweet Selfie app adds aesthetic benefits such as whitening the face or teeth, adding eyelashes and drawing eyes, blushing, removing facial imperfections, and erasing wrinkles.
  • The ability to edit captured images via the application camera, by adding more screen brightness, better image contrast, increased quality.
  • Sweet Selfie can add grid filter to photos, or auras filters at the same time taking pictures.
  • Benefits recently arrived for the Sweet Selfie app
  • Sweet Selfie now enables selfie video recording for users to express themselves.
  • Sweet Selfie app enables its users to edit their photos manually, to edit them in a satisfactory manner to the user.
  • Sweet Selfie made its stickers more user friendly, as it can be adjusted to suit every user.
  • Sweet Selfie has enabled time stickers, so you can choose to save time when editing photos.

How to shoot the best selfie

This can be done by operating the Sweet Selfie app camera, choosing the best angle for photographing the user, trying all the angles, repeating the same image at different angles every 45 degrees, and making sure there is a suitable light to take the photo.

App Info

Name: Sweet Selfie
Version: 4.43.1430
Size: 87.78 MB
Package: com.cam001.selfie
Views: 0
Op. System: Android
applicationCategory: MultimediaApplication
Developer: Ufoto - Photo for U

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