PicsArt Lite

PicsArt Lite

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PicsArt Lite

Download the 2021 PicsArt Lite app, free photo editing Android: PicsArt app is a free app to edit photos, add effects and write text on photos, and also put some icons on pictures, and other beautiful additions, and you can use it like a camera, and modify the style of the photo before taking it, You can also post your captured image to the social sites you subscribe to right after you take the photo or send it to a specific email.

PicsArt Lite application features

PicsArt is a great treasure and free offer for photo lovers, especially social network lovers, you can take your photo and frame it, put a sticker on it, add some beautiful effects, write it on your name or phrase.

With the PicsArt Lite application, you can take pictures as soon as possible, or open a previously captured image and modify it, you are free to all modifications, and frankly, an application that competes with Photoshop for Android devices is very light and does not need much space to download it, and is very simple, all social networks have been added To him in order to facilitate the process of publishing photos and sharing with friends.

App Info

Name: PicsArt Lite
Version: 18.5.0
Size: 64.04MB
Views: 3
Op. System: Android
applicationCategory: UtilitiesApplication
Developer: PicsArt

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