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Download SimSimi = For Android

By downloading the SimSimi APK on your Android smartphone or tablet, you will have a similar app for online chatting or instant messaging, but instead of talking to a friend you will chat with the app’s AI, which you can talk to about almost anything.

SimSimi is a great app for artificial instant chat, SimSimi app has a very simple user interface, where users just need to start a chat session on their touch screen, then SimSimi robot will respond immediately with a funny story.

Don’t be surprised by SimSimi’s super-fast response, your SimSimi vocabulary will be developed according to your input contents, you can teach SimSimi in your own language, and other users can teach in their own language.

If SimSimi does not have data to reply to your message, it will say “I don’t have a response”, then you can select the Teach Card and direct your SimSimi in your matching patterns.

Features of the SimSimi application

  • Users can receive many beautiful SimSimi icons when chatting, teaching, and reviewing.
  • When you share a conversation, the SimSimi icon is also shared.
  • Share your icons with friends and in quotes.
  • Provide random secret codes.
  • Share icons on social media Facebook.
  • When you delete or uninstall SimSimi, you will lose all icons and power elements.
  • Note: Users can turn on / off bad phrases in the “Settings” tab.
  • The more you talk to him, the smarter he becomes and the conversation becomes more real, in addition, he has a somewhat strange sense of humor, so your conversations will be really fun.

App Info

Name: SimSimi
Version: 8.0.8
Size: 104.26 MB
Views: 0
Op. System: Android
applicationCategory: CommunicationApplication
Developer: ismaker

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