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KMPlayer is the Android version of KMPlayer, one of the most popular and widely used multimedia players today, the program finally comes to devices with iOS and Android versions, providing in your palm everything that makes it one of the best references within its genre.

Download the Android audio player application

With support for virtually any existing video format, KMPlayer is an effective solution for you who want a powerful tool for watching movies or even listening to audio. It brings everything you need with installation, that is, you don’t need to include any additional codecs.

In addition, KMPlayer can manage your multimedia library, and basically access any file of the type on your device (or on the memory card).

It is optimized to better adapt to the aspect ratio of the screen, can speed up video playback, and provides resources for editing technical details of files.

KMPlayer program for Android

  • With KMPlayer, you’ll have an app that basically can play any video format, this means that when something is downloaded or captured from the camera, you can see it without any problem.
  • Since it does not require separate coding, reproducing something here is practical and effective.
  • In addition, there are fewer options related to video playback, but they are still necessary, such as the ability to edit technical information of the file.
  • Your media library – which makes it easy to find something to play – falls into this category as well.
  • Support gestures for volume control, fast forward, or rewind.
  • Preview the next file.
  • Edit the file properties.
  • Speed ​​up and slow down the video.

Download KMPlayer apk

If you download any video with separate subtitles, KMPlayer supports this kind of features automatically, as long as both files are in the same directory.

The program supports the most varied types of video files, as it works with all of them in an organized and intuitive interface.

App Info

Name: KMPlayer
Version: 42.05.160
Size: 184.19 MB
Package: com.kmplayer
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Op. System: Android
applicationCategory: MultimediaApplication
Developer: Pandora.TV

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