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Download Hangouts for Android: Hangouts is the application for the famous Google service for instant communication between users, which came as an alternative to the Google Talk application.

It is an old service for Google via computers and was added to the Google Plus application, then turned into an application for smartphones like most Google services, which is originally a simple program that does not always require a login, which is Google’s competitor to the application “iMedjj” for the iPhone devices.

The Hangout service had a major role in the spread of distance education in its beginnings, as professors were taught through the service to their students in limited numbers, and it was the widespread service for the media and scientific conferences.

The origins of Hangouts

Download the Hangout program for Android Google has started developing its service for video communication via video and instant chatting, Hangouts, and launched it for the first time in 2011, incorporating it into its social networking service, Google Plus, as a way to communicate instantly within it.

The Hangouts technology within Google Plus was a service for video chats, whether single or double, and then the conversation points were multiplied to reach the number of people up to 10 people, which is a relatively large number at the time.

The Hangouts service spread rapidly around the world due to the need for it for scientific and cultural meetings around the world, in addition to the contacts that the various media used to make to its correspondents all over the world, even those hot spots, and press conversations spread with senior figures through the Hangout service, especially with the advantages of broadcasting Live Hangout session.

It launched the first version of the standalone Hangouts app on May 15, 2013, and had the same benefits as the service found within the Google + service.

Advantages of the Google Hangouts app

  • Keep the user in touch with his friends through free voice or video calls.
  • The possibility of entering other users for calls already established.
  • Allowing the user to express himself using text messages, images, and videos, along with the user’s status, with maps and emojis, as well as recently added GIFs.
  • The ability to convert conversations into free video calls with 10 people for discussion or dialogues.
  • Make international calls by calling any phone number via Hangouts for free without any additional charges.
  • Sync Hangouts app for Hangout across other operating systems and across personal computers.
  • Providing the opportunity to message friends and contacts even when they are not connected to the Internet, to receive the notification as soon as they connect to the network.
  • Integration between voicemail and the Hangouts application, in addition to Google Voice activation for voice, calls through the application.
  • Keeping each person’s conversation separate from others, as multimedia sending and receiving from the user can be accessed in a separate file from others.
  • Enable the “tag @” feature in conference calls.
  • Adding the Hangouts service through an extension via the Google Chrome browser for Windows PC users.
  • The ability to invite friends to a specific group video chat via Hangout, to participate in a specific dialogue.

Recently added features of Hangouts

  • Solve slow text and video calls for Hangout and increase its speed by 50 times.
  • Enable group chats, where you can have full-text discussions with a maximum of 150 users.
  • Fix problems and errors not being able to communicate with specific contacts.
  • Allow people other than Hangouts to participate in group conversations by calling the phone number.

Disadvantages of Hangouts app

  • The user is not able to appear “offline” or incognito, as the application forces him to appear online only.
  • Uncertainty about the status of the user “online or offline”.
  • The collection of contacts for the application from all the contacts on the Google account, including those added to the Google Plus application, which is a large number which adds randomness to the Hangouts application.

App Info

Name: Hangouts
Version: 41.0.411169071
Size: 26.93 MB
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Op. System: Android
applicationCategory: SocialNetworkingApplication
Developer: Google Inc.

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