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Bat Messenger is one of the safest and most secure chatting and chatting apps out there, using the latest and best chat encryption technology. Pat Messenger provides multiple copies compatible with mobile phone systems, whether Android or iPhone, and there is a version for computers that work directly across the web.

Bat Messenger app features

The application Bat Bat Messenger has many features and capabilities that make it one of the favorite chat applications of many.

  • It allows private chats, or group chats and chats anonymously.
  • Pat Messenger has the temporary chat feature which is deleted once it is finished.
  • Bat Messenger works in complete privacy as it does not require any personal registration information.
  • Each user has a unique number for his Bat ID, which is his account on the Bat Messenger app, and you can communicate with others using this number.
  • The ability to enable the delete feature after reading, which works to delete every message in the chat once the other party has finished reading this message.
  • You can specify a special password that will delete all your chats and your entire account by simply entering it on the login page.
  • Use several of the best security tools to reach the highest privacy rates in your chats on Pat Messenger.
  • You can download the Bat Messenger app for Android through the Google Play store, through the Bat Messenger website, or through external application stores.

App Info

Name: Bat Messenger
Size: 34.65MB
Package: com.sisisan.batmessage
Views: 3
Op. System: Android
applicationCategory: CommunicationApplication
Developer: Batmessenger

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