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Download Appvn = For Android

Download Appvn is one of those third-party stores or as they are called “third-party” stores. It has millions of free programs and games for Android devices. With so many app galleries parallel to Google Play Store, today we chose the totally safe Appvn that deserves your trust. Download it and you won’t have problems enjoying blocked programs in your country anymore!

The features of Appvn app gallery than other stores

Summarize the endless world of apps in one icon! Appvn supports you with:

  • All the applications you want as soon as they are released.
  • Popular and most downloaded programs.
  • It features a simple and intuitive interface where you can find the desired application using the search bar, or browse the list you expect to find it from the categories in the store.
  • Its contents are arranged in eight main categories for easy navigation, those lists are applications, books and electronic references, movies, ring tones, games, comics, wallpapers, and gifts. In addition to other departments such as Business Administration, Communication, Educational, Entertainment, Finance, Health and Fitness, Lifestyle, Medical, Music and Sound, News and Magazines, Photography, Production, Social, Sports, Tools, Tourism and Travel, Weather, Media and Video, Transportation Transportation, purchase, libraries, live wallpapers. It also divides the games into 16 types: Action, Casual, Sports, Words, Table, Grammar Games, Strategy, Music and Audio, Educational, Puzzles, Racing, Comics, Adventures, Cards, Simulation, Trivia, Family, Card Games.
  • It updates apps automatically, you don’t need to do it manually.

Appvn store problems

Despite all the features we mentioned, Appvn suffers from some minor defects which are being worked on to fix, such as:

  • Supports Vietnamese and English only!
  • Some users complain that errors sometimes occur when downloading, and they are surprised to download programs other than their choice!
  • Some also face the problem of slow downloading.

How to change the language from Vietnamese to English in Appvn

As we mentioned, the official language of the application is Vietnamese, but the English language has been added recently. We aspire from him to support the rest of the languages, especially Arabic, but we believe that English is sufficient, as it is the first international language. When you use the store, the first thing you need to do is to change the language to English, and to do that, follow the following steps carefully, as most of us face a little difficulty with that due to our lack of understanding of the Vietnamese language:

  • Click the menu icon.
  • Then click on the settings icon.
  • Then click on the third option.
  • Then choose the English language.

Is Appvn safe?

One of the main concerns of users with this type of application gallery is privacy and security. We hereby encourage you to use Appvn with full confidence for the following reasons:

  • Millions of people around the world have used it by you and have not caused any kind of damage to them or their devices.
  • It has also been reviewed by heavyweights such as MyWOT and SiteAdvisor.
  • When you browse the official website of the store, you will not receive any warning from the browser that the site is harmful or contains viruses.

Use Appvn store, and support your mobile phone with a lot of interesting programs and games with one click of the download icon! Feel free to install Appvn on your device, it is full of apps that perform different functions to facilitate every detail of our lives.

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Developer: APPVN Mobile Content Social Network

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