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Download VirtualBox = For PC 2024

Virtual Box 2021 Virtual Box is a great program for creating and experimenting with fake systems to try and use different operating systems besides your operating system and because switching systems on your device without this type of program is very difficult and complicated and will waste a lot of time and effort creating a fake system that will help you to experiment and test any System easily, smoothly and without waste of time

How to use VirtualBox 2020

First: We download the VirtualBox program, the latest full version 2020, by clicking on the link to download the VirtualBox program with a direct link available through this page, which we brought to you from the official website of the program.

Second: We facilitate the tool on the device.

Third: We open the Virtual Box after completing its completion and we click on the new word to create a new dummy system, we name the new system and choose the type of operation if it is Windows, Linux, Mac, or other operating systems, after selecting the operating system we choose the version of the operating system We chose, for example, we select Windows OS and Windows 10 version.

Fourth: We adjust the settings of the dummy operating system that we want to start, so we first determine the amount of RAM we want to consume by the dummy operating system, then we choose the areas that we want to have in the dummy system for each part.

Fifth: We choose the operating system formula that is on the device, then we choose the operating system file from the computer, and by this we have created a free virtual system with a different operating system than the original device operating system.

Virtual Box download features

  • Virtualbox is free for life and no paid version is available.
  • The program is easy to use and does not require an experienced person to use it.
  • Also, the download works on all versions of Windows and does not require specific requirements to run.
  • You can control and change the settings of the dummy system after turning it on.
  • The tool supports all operating systems and all their versions.
  • You can download the VirtualBox 32-bit program the latest version, as well as download the VirtualBox 64 bit, as the latest version, which we present to you today through this page, supports most versions and operating systems currently used.

Disadvantages of Virtual Box application

There is no defect in the Virtual Box service that deserves mention because the program works always efficiently due to the high quality of the program and also the availability of updates periodically to solve any problem you face

App Info

Name: VirtualBox
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Op. System: Windows
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Developer: Oracle Corporation

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