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Smart Math Calculator

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Smart Math Calculator is an advanced mathematical calculator that offers a lot of functions and transformers, similar to the physical scientific calculator.

Although the free version allows you to perform up to five concurrent accounts and does not allow you to save work results, it is still a very functional tool that can definitely be appreciated by all mathematicians, physicists, chemists, enthusiasts, students, or students.

Features of downloading smart math calculator for computer with a direct link for free

  • Although the interface of Smart Math Calculator 2021 may not seem modern at first sight, the classic look made it easier for manufacturers to maintain a high readability of the window, which also displays a lot of information.
  • The most interesting is the area of ​​action editing, where we have the option to enter five independent expressions, which are converted and display the results on an ongoing basis.
  • Of course, a full set of mathematical functions is available when the calculator software is downloaded for free for the computer, in addition to additional groups to calculate the appropriate values.
  • Downloading the Calculator 2021 software for your computer provides accuracy up to a thousand decimal places, which will definitely prove more than sufficient for the vast majority of potential program users.
  • The smart math calculator app will also easily display special modes for calculating numbers between number systems (useful for all webmasters, graphic designers, or programmers) and a special unit that automatically solves model equations (it is necessary to complete the left and right sides.


In order for the program to function properly, it is necessary to install the Java runtime environment version 6.0 or later.

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