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URL Blocker 2021 is a simple and very useful tool that blocks any site you want from working on your device and there are sites that you do not want anyone to browse on your device and in some cases, you may be addicted to a specific site and want to prevent yourself from accessing it and you RL Blocker is the solution that provides you with this service and many other advantages.

Features and features of URL Blocker download

  • We offer you to download a URL blocker program for free with a direct link through this page
  • Url blocker 2021 is ad-free and completely virus-free, meaning it is safe on your device.
  • The URL Blocker program features a comfortable and simple interface that enables you to block any website easily and without complications.
  • You can add an infinite number of websites that you want to block after downloading the website blocker program for the computer, as some call it.
  • If you want to run any site after the ban, you press one button and the site will return to work on your device.
  • It does not have any negative effects on the device, its speed, the operation of the Internet, or any other website
  • Every short while, developers deliver an update to solve problems and provide a flawless user experience.

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Name: URL Blocker
Size: 45.50MB
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Op. System: Windows
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