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Download Folder Spark = For PC 2024

Folder Spark 2021 is a free program of the most popular file encryption software because of its simplicity and features that make it superior to other encryption programs and usually there are important files on your device that you do not want to open and want to encrypt with a strong password and for this, we use tools such as Folder Spark.

How to use and download Folder Spark to protect files with a password

First: We download the Folder Spark 2021 tool through the Koji Soft website via the Folder Spark download link, the latest version for free, which we provide to you under the article folder spark download

Second: You install the tool on your device and put a fixed password to open files and folders that you encrypt later, then choose if you want to encrypt a folder or file.

Third: You choose what you want to encrypt on your device.

When you want to open the file, you go to the word open file, which is the last option, then you choose the encrypted file or folder and put the password and the file will open with you.

Download Folder Spark 2021 features to encrypt files

  • Free Spark 2021 software download is available and its size is very light as it does not exceed one megabyte.
  • You can decrypt a folder or file easily with the press of a button.
  • Folder Spark 2021 program works on all versions of Windows.

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Name: Folder Spark
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Developer: wisecleaner

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