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STOPzilla 2020, There is no doubt that two of the most sophisticated threats on the Internet during the past few years are spyware and adware which makes it difficult to browse pages while these programs threaten to steal information about our habits and computer data.

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STOPzilla is a set of tools that allow us to discover, block and eliminate spyware and adware, avoid pop-ups, clear browsing history and cookies.

One of the main advantages of STOPzilla 2021 malware removal software is its real-time operation, which means that once a threat is detected, it warns us and asks what to do whether we want to block it or remove it directly.

One of the advantages of downloading STOPzilla program for computer

  • Another important feature of STOPzilla is the automatic update system, thanks to which system protection elements and scanning functions can be started automatically (via analysis programming) or manually.
  • Protect yourself from spyware and adware by downloading free STOPzilla virus removal software for your computer.
  • STOPzilla antivirus free download

Requirements and additional information

To install the app you need an internet connection.

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Name: STOPzilla
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Op. System: Windows
applicationCategory: SecurityApplication
Developer: stopzilla

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