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Avast Free Antivirus

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Download Avast Free Antivirus = For PC 2024

Download Avast Antivirus Computer Program In 1988, the start and establishment of a company that proved its worth in the field of protection, became one of the largest companies in the protection market, which is Avast Software, as the number of users of its programs reached more than 435 million users all over the world.

Downloading the avast 2021 program for life and the most important thing that was created is an anti-virus program, the first version of which was launched in 1988 and named Avast, after that Avast Antivirus became one of the most popular programs due to its full features as an anti-virus application and as a free program for users of Microsoft Windows platforms.

How important is Avast Antivirus?

Download Avast Computer 2021 The great importance of Avast Antivirus is that it is a powerful antivirus, and it also protects the computer from threats, including spyware and fraudulent programs, which are a base that leads to the recovery of data on viruses, if Avast Software will provide comprehensive protection for computers from all Ways.

Downloading the avast computer program for free in Arabic is based on the principle that Avast Software works on removing all viruses and once they appear, and it also works to ban any dangerous links that come from web pages and from the web, not only that but that Avast Software analyzes all unauthorized and unknown files on The Internet, in order to determine the latest programs that damage computers, to Avast, when it detects a program similar to malware, will inform you of the process it will do.

Details of how Avast Antivirus works to protect systems from viruses

Downloading the avast program for free to the computer, the mechanism of action of the Avast Software is very similar to the process of capturing a suspect by the police, the suspect is taken to the place where the evidence is gathered, and if he proves that he is the same criminal, he is referred for trial and disciplined for his action, as is the principle of Avast Software’s work. The program does a scan,

Download the avast comprehensive 2021 program This scan has the function of comparing the program with databases of malware, with the aim of blocking unknown malware. It then monitors how the program affects the computer, and anything that is suspected is transferred to the analysis unit in Avast servers.

Download the avast 2021 program If it is proven that this program may harm it then it is quickly added to the list of malicious data, that information about malicious programs Avast Software collects from 400 million systems for computer users, if you do not want to participate in that you can stop it easily through Privacy settings from the Avast Software interface.

The features that Avast Antivirus brings to you

  • One of the advantages of the avast program is that it differs a lot from the rest of the protection programs, in normal circumstances when you install a new antivirus program, this antivirus will search your device for any other protection programs and will ask you to delete it before it installs itself, but Avast Software does not do this process, but installs Himself is next to the second protection program and completes what is missing from the other program. Avast Software will install itself in passive mode and provide its features alongside the other program.
  • Avast Software differs from other protection programs, as Avast does not have any restrictions, it does not contain ads and does not impose any restrictions that compel you to upgrade, and if you need more protection, you should download Avast Internet Security software. This program adds protection to your computer and protects it from All Internet hazards.
  • By visiting Avast, you will find a lot of information that offers you the benefit to know the differences between the free product and other paid programs of the same category. The paid version has a feature that enables you to unlock the computer screen via an application in the mobile phone, and enables you to monitor computers via the Internet.
  • Downloading the avast computer program with a direct link, Avast Software program allows you to scan for malicious programs where you can specify the areas and paths you want to scan or do a scan
  • Download avast 2021 and one of the features that avast offers is the ability to specify the days you want to perform automatic scanning with quick scans every few hours.
  • Avast Software, through the Avast Passwords app, allows you to store and maintain a massive number of passwords and to generate new passwords.
  • Download the avast computer program Your private details are protected with this program because you are not required to log in, create an account or follow up, you are protected even with your private information.
  • Avast antivirus free download 2021 full version Avast does not require you to install any add-ons, but it gives you an advantage which is to browse applications and you only have to specify what you want to install on your computer.

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