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SRecorder is a program that provides you with another alternative to record the content displayed on the computer screen, in which you can photograph the procedures of the tutorial without the professional complexity or excessive consumption of computer resources.

In addition, it also allows you to capture audio from your microphone, the program works from one window so that it displays the main functions for easy use.

Features of the program

  • The goal of SRecorder is to provide a tool that can help you perform the procedure in a very simple way, where you can either record a specific area or record everything that goes on the desktop.
  • Right after installation, the program adds a button on the right side of your computer, it serves as a shortcut to open the app and always stays on top so you can use it easily. However – if you prefer, you can easily hide this button through SRecorder settings.
  • Starting a video: You have two ways to start the process; the first is to click the shortcut that the program provides directly to your desktop. The second is to access the icon available in the “System Tray”, right-click on it and select “Record Video”.
  • List options: Regardless of which method is chosen, the second step is to choose the area to be recorded, and choose these boundaries with the mouse. Note that once you’re done, the app determines the area, and you can also move it or resize it. For this last option.
  • If you want to capture audio, be sure to select the option to record with audio on the app screen.
  • When everything is ready to start the process, just use the red button available under the registration area.
  • The audio is captured in high quality, without any kind of noise or interference.

App Info

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Op. System: Windows
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Developer: srecorder

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