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Most of the recording programs are not free and at exorbitant prices, and the free programs provide poor-quality services and the lack of great free programs such as Captura 2020, which is a free program that records the screen or takes a screenshot, and the program has many features and smoothness that makes it a program worth trying and using.

How to use the Captura 2019 program

First: you download the free screen capture program with a direct link

Second: You install and open the tool and then choose whether you want to record via the webcam, record the entire screen surface or part, or you want to record a game.

Third: You choose the format in which the video is saved. Captcha supports all kinds of formats.

Fourth: You adjust some settings such as video quality and the location of the storage on your device, then start recording.

Features and characteristics of downloading Capture software for the computer to capture the screen

  • You can take an animated picture from the desktop and save it in GIF format.
  • Screen capture software can record the screen during gameplay without affecting game performance.
  • Captura 2021 is an open-source, a feature not found in other recording software.
  • The program does not include a watermark in the video as most recording programs do.
  • It does not affect the performance of the device during the game.
  • Capture 2021 allows you to shoot computer screen videos in very high quality

App Info

Name: Captura
Size: 3.66MB
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Op. System: Windows
applicationCategory: UtilitiesApplication
Developer: zeallsoft

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