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Download IceCream Screen Recorder = For PC 2024

IceCream Screen Recorder is a free screen recording program with HD video quality, along with many powerful features to help you interact with the computer more easily, which we will discuss in this article such as the ability to customize to record any area on the screen.

IceCream Screen Recorder is a relatively new name in the field of screen recording, but this does not make it inferior to other old programs, thanks to its strong features Downloading IceCream Screen Recorder gradually defeats many other programs competing in this field, even the most widespread among the users.

Why should you have a program to record everything that happens on the computer screen?

Screen recording is essential when you want to do some activities such as:

  • Share what’s happening on your computer screen with others.
  • Sharing experiences and advice on using programs and demonstrating gaming skills.
  • Capture special moments, and other important reasons.
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Download Icecream Screen Recorder for computer supports screen recording, including audio output on the computer or through devices that support audio such as headphones, moreover, the program also includes powerful video editing tools to help you insert text and add instructions and comments to the video Registrar.

With Icecream Screen Recorder free download for computer with direct link, you can also extract audio files, hide mouse icon, display countdown time to start video recording and highlight mouse during video recording, and video clips are saved after recording in KVM format.

HD video screen capture program for computer

Downloading IceCream Screen Recorder allows you to take screenshots, create educational programs for the video, how to use the various programs, and record great gaming moments in full-screen mode. Here are some of the tools and software provided by the computer IceCream cream tools and technologies in this field:

  • Select area: Select a window or any area on the screen where you want to record video activity.
  • board: With this technology, you can draw anything on the captured screen, such as adding arrows, and inserting texts even during video recording.
  • History record: All screenshots and captured videos will be saved in the history section.
  • Add Logo: You can insert your own logo in the videos captured from your computer screen.
  • Add Webcam: for recording a webcam video in parallel with the screen recorder.
  • Video Quality: Allows users to define and customize the video output quality.
  • Zoom in when recording videos: Use the “Zoom” tool to magnify details when recording videos, so that the videos are professional.
  • Tracking the mouse: Set the circle size around the mouse pointer to make tracking video interactions easier.
  • Intuitive guide: Follow the graphical how-to steps that make it easy to use.
  • Cut records: Cut unwanted parts at the beginning or end of the video after recording
  • Audio settings: Change the volume and microphone you want to record.
  • Convert: You can always change the format of the resulting video after recording is finished.
  • Clipboard: Save screenshots to the clipboard and share them via Skype or email instantly.
  • Settings: Hide the cursor icon or wallpaper, turn off the screen saver while capturing screenshots.
  • Share a photo via URL: Send a screenshot with just one click, get a short URL and share it with anyone.
  • Hotkey: You can instantly display the hotkey you used in the video while recording the screen.
  • Schedule screen recording: Set up multiple screen recording tasks according to the timer, and use keyboard shortcuts to manage screen capture and video recording operations.
  • Note: Screenshots are saved in JPG or PNG format, according to your settings and good picture quality, and the smallest capture mode is 30×30 pixels.

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