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Download Recuva = For PC 2024

Recuva is one of the best programs specialized in recovering files that were accidentally deleted on the Windows operating system, or even you removed them intentionally, the program works to scan your computer’s hard drives (the partitions) in search of remnants of data that its tools can restore and use once Other.

You can now download Recuva 2021 free for the computer with a direct link or enjoy the paid versions, so you can use the more advanced tools, but the free version will do the trick.

Features of downloading Recuva 2020

  • Besides that it can recover deleted computer files, with Recuva, you can recover files that have been deleted from portable drives (such as flash drives and external phone memory cards).
  • You can also download Recuva to the computer to retrieve deleted pictures, as the same applies to deleted photos from digital cameras and audio that were previously removed from iPod or any other MP3 player.
  • 2021 Recuva You can recover emails easily, as the integration of the free tool with e-mail clients ensures that the messages can be recovered, it works perfectly with Mozilla Thunderbird and, for example.
  • From Koigi Soft, you can download Recuva software for PC for free
  • The program deletes files permanently
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  • After you find the files that were previously deleted, you can delete them permanently, so that no one can retrieve them from the computer that you want to sell, as the free Recuva program provides a complete and safe removal tool.

Other features of Recuva Deleted File Recovery 2020
You can enable Deep Scan to perform a comprehensive search on your computer, as the option long scans your device for lost files.
Recuva PC Download 2021 download helps you search for specific formats.
One of the positive points of the service is that it can be used by anyone with minimum computer skills, or put more effort into learning, because it does not require much technical knowledge, so if you delete a very important file, it is worth testing the efficiency of Recuva to restore it, especially since the program contains Its interface is sober, simple and easy to understand.
The program supports the portable version that does not require any installation to run, thus, the user can restore files wherever they are, even without an Internet connection.
Supports the Arabic language, where you can download the Recuva program for the computer with a direct Arabic link to easily recover deleted files
One of the negative points of Recuva is that it is not available for Mac OS, Linux, or mobile devices such as Android and iOS.

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