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We chose for you today one of the programs that must be installed on your computer, it provides comprehensive protection for all the data on your computer, our program today is Panda fierce virus killer, let us talk a little about viruses and their damage on the computer.

Download the Panda Antivirus 2021 program, malicious programs that infect a computer with viruses are named similar to human viruses, real viruses infect humans and cause many diseases that may be dangerous, as well as virtual viruses that infect the computer also cause symptoms that negatively affect the performance of the computer, which It may cause damage to some parts of the computer or software in it, just as do the types of viruses that infect living organisms.

What is 2021 Panda Antivirus and how does it work?

Panda Antivirus is free to download. Panda is one of the specialized programs in eliminating viruses. It works to provide great protection and free of charge to all computers. The principle of the Panda program depends on gathering information from a remote server and examining files from your computer on that information collected. , That information is malicious software that was discovered by other users using Panda, so Panda is distinguished as it uses the power of processing based on the collective intelligence technology, which can provide protection against viruses and malicious sites.

Advantages of the Panda Antivirus program and how to use it:

  • This program outperforms many protection programs, as its database allows the user to get a great protection for his computer from all malicious programs.
  • When you install the Panda program, it will provide you with a very important feature, which is that when you install a program that you do not know its source, the program will alert you that this application is unknown to the database of the Panda program and it will be subject to examination, or that the program proves that it does not cause harm to the computer, or that this program is Malicious software and causes damage to the computer and its system, and Panda software will alert you at that time.
  • Panda Antivirus provides the easiest service to protect your device, eliminate harmful files and files that are suspected of origin, and prevent them from infiltrating your device by all possible means.
  • When you scan your computer via Panda, it will inform you of the number of files scanned, the number of dangerous files if they are found, and choose to delete them.
  • Just as in hospitals there is a quarantine, also in Panda there is this section, whose job is to block malicious programs installed on the computer and prevent them from causing any harm to the computer.

How to install Panda

Download the Panda Antivirus 2021 program Installing the Panda program is one of the easiest ways to install programs. With several clicks, you can get the program and enjoy all its features, click on download the program, then follow the natural installation steps for each installation process, after you finish you will find that the program has become a restriction to the work.

How to use Panda

Download the panda antivirus program after you have installed the Panda program, follow these steps to scan your device:

  • Open the Panda icon and enter the main program window and press the back button.
  • Enter the program settings, and choose a quick scan for your computer, or you can choose a full scan.
  • You will also find an option that you will need most, which is the option to specify the files and folders you want to scan.
  • Enter the advanced virus scanning option for a very accurate search of all malicious applications.
  • You can use the automatic scan feature, by setting a specific hour or day to perform a comprehensive scan.
  • In the Panda program, you will find an option to protect the computer from any devices that connect to it externally, such as USB.

Download a program to remove viruses from the computer permanently When you feel that your computer has weakened its speed and poor performance and the movement between programs has become slow, you must search for a program that helps you eliminate viruses, and if you are looking for a program that suits all systems and devices, the Panda program is one of the best protection programs to do With that mission.

App Info

Name: Panda Antivirus
Version: 2015 Pro
Size: 1005 MB
Views: 1
Op. System: Windows
applicationCategory: SecurityApplication
Developer: Panda Security

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