FxSound Enhancer

FxSound Enhancer

3.13 13.028 Windows 18

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FxSound Enhancer (formerly known as DFX Audio Enhancer) is a free and necessary tool for every user who plays movies and sounds on the computer, the program improves the sound quality extracted from many multimedia programs, as well as from visual and audio playback tools on the most popular sites (YouTube, Vimeo,,, and Facebook).

Download FxSound Enhancer

The program has several audio processing modes, which improve and improve the quality of the extracted sound while playing music, movies, or a conversation using the microphone.

FxSound Enhancer is adapted to work with different types of amplifiers and headphones, and also allows you to customize your own sound settings in the program’s configuration options.

On the main screen of the program, we can choose one of the available processing modes, adjust the sound quality on the device (amplifiers and headphones), as well as adjust the level of different tools that improve and improve the sound quality. Among them we can find, among other things, 3D Surround technology, dynamic or additional bass amplification.

Downloading FxSound Enhancer works with the most popular multimedia players such as:

  • iTunes, Spotify, and Windows Media Player.
  • QuickTime Player, Pandora Desktop, and Winamp.
  • VLC media player, RealPlayer, foobar2000 and JetAudio.

App Info

Name: FxSound Enhancer
Version: 13.028
Size: 3.13MB
Views: 18
Op. System: Windows
applicationCategory: UtilitiesApplication
Developer: fxsound

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