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Virtual DJ as some call it an entertainment tool that makes you create your own music professionally by incorporating other music in some of them and adding effects on them as the application offers many features and features to be used in making a special music track. This program uses many distributors And the famous teams to create music, merge and amend music, and many other features that you will discover while using the program.

How to use the Virtual DJ 2021 program:

First: We go to the official website of the software and download the free version or buy the paid version.

Second: We have installed the program on the device and opened it, and you have the usual huge DJ interface to do remixes and music and add effects to it.

Virtual DJ download features

  • Download Virtual DJ 2021 for free as there is a free copy of Virtual DJ.
  • You can download effects and add-ons from their site.
  • Virtual DJ, You can also embed videos with this tool.
  • Download Virtual DJ 2021 provides you with a huge interface that resembles the real DJ interface with all its buttons and features.
  • It is characterized by its high sound quality.
  • Virtual DJ software has excellent video and audio editing tools.
  • You can record your voice on it and merge the sound into a song or music.
  • With Virtual DJ, you can make live audio broadcasts only on radio sites or direct audio and video broadcasts on social media sites such as Facebook.

Disadvantages of the application of Virtual DJ:

The program is huge and complex and requires understanding and experience in this field to be able to enjoy all the features and features that exist.

The application site contains a huge library with millions of songs, music and paid videos, but to reach this library you must

Subscription at a price of $ 10 per month to access the music library.

Subscription at a price of $ 20 per month to access the Cairo Music Library.

Subscription at a price of $ 50 per month to access the paid video library.

Paid versions of the Virtual DJ are very expensive, as they cost $ 300 for the lifetime.

Although there are some defects, the features remain superior to them. If you are a fan who wants to enjoy the experience of merging music and these things, the program is great for you and for free. But if you are a professional, the program provides you with all the effects, additions, music, and videos you need at a little extravagant price.

App Info

Name: Virtual DJ
Version: 2021 Build 6921
Size: 185.77 MB
Views: 5
Op. System: Windows
applicationCategory: UtilitiesApplication
Developer: Atomix Productions

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