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Battery Eater Pro

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2021 Battery Eater Pro is a tool to control the performance of computer batteries very effectively, and diagnose battery life, this feature is very important for laptops because it affects the screen brightness and the ability of the device to withstand the active program.

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A feature of 2021 Battery Eater Pro download

  • Battery Eater Pro allows users to set the minimum and maximum computer battery runtime each time the battery is fully charged, and the ability to deal with programs that consume a lot of RAM, CPU resources.
  • This tool can check the default mode to diagnose a laptop’s minimum battery life when it does not depend on the task carried out on it.
  • Download Battery Eater Pro is able to work as a portable application from an external drive without the need for installation, and it also provides users with information of related devices: CPU, RAM, hard disk … This is an essential tool to protect and care for computer batteries.
  • Battery Eater Pro will run various tests with CPU, RAM, HDD, and graphics card showing how much battery has drained with various apps and devices on the computer.
  • Users can also view a full report view in their web browser by dragging and dropping the file, this report gives you an overview of the current battery performance as well as the upgrade mode if needed.battery eater pro download

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Name: Battery Eater Pro
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