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Download CCleaner = For PC 2024

CCleaner is one of the important programs for any computer user and even for Android users, which works flexibly to run your operating system from files that are useful or important for viewing, not using them or looking at them, improves and activates the system, in addition to Create additional quotas, which increases when you delete these files.

The importance of 2021 CCleaner

  • We may be able to do most of the tasks that CCleaner does using Windows optimization tools and with the help of the task manager and in many other ways, but we will not resort to that due to the time and effort it takes, which CCleaner provides you with ease and with minimal steps.
  • CCleaner works on several points to fulfill its mission of optimizing and cleaning performance, cleaning up the records.
  • It also has the ability to permanently remove any program that was installed before and delete all its files on your device, you may face some problems installing an upgraded version of a program even though you removed the old version, and this is due to not removing all program files. Which CCleaner helps you to accomplish with ease.
  • On the other hand, CCleaner also cleans up browser files that you don’t need.
  • When you turn on your device, you may find it unusually slow and this is due to the large number of programs that work with the start of the device, which you can control using CCleaner.
  • The program allows you to maintain the important files that you need or need for your operating system, and the program is available in multiple languages, and with a small space that provides you with speed in the process of installing it on the computer.
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What can CCleaner do?

  • It can clean up the registry, delete unused file extensions, fonts, and unused login data.
  • Clean up your internet browser and delete all unused data.
  • Clean recycle bin and delete temporary files.
  • If you want to keep a file and not delete it, you can do that by specifying those files that you want to preserve, it gives you the exception feature, for example you can remove all passwords that you have saved on the Internet browser, and those words or usernames can be excluded from Deletion process.
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Installing CCleaner

Download Ccleaner for Windows 10, as well as Free Download CCleaner for Windows 7, CCleaner is one of the programs that you do not find difficult to install, go to the version you want to install, and we will provide you with the latest version of the program to save you the trouble of moving and searching for another Program versions.

Then you install the program in the usual installation method for any normal program, except that there is one problem when installing, as you are asked at the beginning of the installation about your desire to install another application accompanied by CCleaner, it is not a big problem, so you just cancel the choice of installing the program suggested to you.

Some other CCleaner features

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  • The size of the program is not large, it is only about 10 MB.
  • Speed ​​in the installation process.
  • The ability to create a backup file.
  • The ability to keep cookies that you do not want to delete from your browser.
  • The possibility of creating a scheduling system for cleaning and choosing the most appropriate time for the program to do so.
  • Support for a very large number of languages.
  • It supports Windows and Mac systems, and there is an application for Android systems.
  • The ability to set your computer to have the program shut down after completing the optimization and cleaning tasks.

App Info

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Version: 6.0
Size: 46.78 MB
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Op. System: Windows
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Developer: Piriform

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