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Baidu PC Faster

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Baidu PC Faster is a useful program that can increase the performance of your computer, while keeping malware threats away from it. This solution can be used to save hard disk space, delete unwanted and old files, as well as detect and fix registry errors.

Features of the program

  • Baidu PC Faster is a program for maintaining your computer, it provides many functions to improve its performance, it is a very simple program, from installation to use ,.
  • Over time, your computer loses some performance due to many things that affect it, so that this type of problem does not occur, it is necessary to use system maintenance tools, because it performs operations that significantly improve its performance, so we recommend you to download the Baidu PC program Faster.
  • Baidu PC Faster integrates four modes and more than 300 clean checkpoints, it efficiently erases all computer records, including browsing data, system operation data, office software, video viewing records and applications.
  • Its clean and well-organized interface assists the user in finding the required jobs.
  • In the main interface of the program directly, it is possible to see the status of your computer and under it there is information about the program.
  • Clean temporary files: Clean Windows temporary files (such as logs and cache) as well as in the three most used web browsers (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer) as well as in applications and programs that also create temporary files (such as Google Talk, Skype, Adobe Reader, etc.).
  • Since it may interfere with important Windows files, you can create a security registry restore point, which is necessary to restore any issue that may arise from the program.

App Info

Name: Baidu PC Faster
Version: 5.1
Size: 1.06 MB
Views: 0
Op. System: Windows
applicationCategory: UtilitiesApplication
Developer: Baidu

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