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B1 Archiver

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B1 archiver This application is unique, it has more than one feature that makes it an ideal application as it decompresses most file formats as decompressing files was recently a major obstacle for program users, given that there are many file formats that are downloaded compressed and need to Unscrew them and the compression programs were specialized in single formats, and for this, we will explain the specifications and faults of the application “Pi Archive” in this article.

Features of b1 archiver file compression

There is no doubt that decoding applications requires a lot of effort, as the formulas used to compress files require a specialized program, but with the “B Archive” application, it has become very easy to decipher compressed files and compress other files to save device space. Here are some of the features of the application:

  • B1 archiver decompression program through which all compressed files can be decoded in various formats and this is not available in most applications responsible for the other decompression, as each application specializes in decoding one format.
  • Download the file compression program for free for the computer, its space is distinct and easy to download by many sites that are interested in different compression applications.
  • It has no obstructions and does not affect the device operating systems the client is using.
  • It is free with its ability to support all operating systems.

Disadvantages of P1 Archive application

  • It does not support all device systems as it cannot be used with iOS.

Method I use b1 archiver 2020

  • The first step is to download the program through the download links on the special technical websites.
  • You must install and follow what is provided in the explanation of the program in the videos shown on the communication sites.
  • The application gives lists of files and the file can be chosen from among them to compress or decompress it by pressing one button and it does not require effort and hardship.

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Op. System: Windows
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Developer: Catalina Group

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