Avast! Premier Antivirus

avast! Premier Antivirus

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Download Avast! Premier Antivirus = For PC 2024

Download Avast Comprehensive Professional Pro 2021 The program includes an “automatic player” mode, which is activated when you start playing to disable some of the program’s functions that slow down games.

For those who are used to playing on the internet and entering sites that contain some malware, the free version of Avast is a good option for that. It effectively blocks malware and automatically suspends some of its functions while playing so you don’t have to worry.

The most prominent disadvantages of the program

It contains many things that make it difficult to use which we will explain later in our review.

The free version of the program

  • Download Avast 2021 for the computer Avast has a paid version, but we wanted to take a closer look at the free version of the program because the greater interest in the free version is the most popular.
  • This version of the program does a very good job in protecting against malware, but its biggest advantage for gamers is that the program’s auto-play option is activated.
  • Download Avast Arabic 98 program; The protection software’s auto play mode detects when you are playing online games and is activated automatically.
  • It also adds the games you play to the safe list so that when you log in again, the game you have played will run faster than before.
  • Download the comprehensive Avast program 2019; The automatic game mode disables some of the program’s functions, which should give you enough speed to enjoy the experience of playing all games without any slowdown.
  • Avast also stops pop-ups that can cause any confusion in playing games while playing on the Internet, and at the same time, this program works while playing to catch any threat that might harm your device.

Install the program and highlight its features

Download Avast Free Antivirus 2019 Installing the free version of Avast is very easy; As well as the program’s dashboard and data, it enables you to access many of the program’s features and features that you need easily and easily, but there are some things that may bother the user.

Unlike most of the security software we tested, the program did not install the browser extensions we needed; Which requires making some effort to install these plugins. Once installed, the program will display a small pop-up window if it detects any threat on your device or even on the Internet.

The download of Avast Antivirus is free. If the threat is from a malicious site instead of displaying the warning message in the browser as other protection programs do, Avast still uses the method of pop-ups, which requires the user to be more vigilant in monitoring the warnings, and for the program to make sure that you have seen The warning message appears, even if you close it, it appears again, which some users do not like; They have to wait for the popup to be canceled to do what they want.

Learn more advantages of the Avast 2021 virus cleaner program

During testing the program to detect malware, we found that this program detects threats with an accuracy rate of 97%, and this percentage varies from test to another; It may increase and decrease, but it has reached that percentage on average, but we noticed that Avast does not stop threats to the browser, nor did it prevent harmful files from downloading as most other protection programs, including Avira, do instead.

Download free avast antivirus for the computer The program waits for the files until they are completely downloaded and then detects the threat, which made us worried when testing the program, especially when we knew what kind of damage these threats caused to our devices, but Avast did not allow any of them to pass.

Since it is a free program, this version of the program does not contain many additional security tools, personal firewalls, password managements, and parental control tools are all things that are only found in the paid version of the program.
But the free version of the program contains a vulnerability scanner, as it searches for vulnerabilities in your system through which malicious programs can infiltrate your device.

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Developer: AVAST Software

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