Autorun File Remover

Autorun File Remover

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Download Autorun File Remover = For PC 2024

Download the best program to permanently delete the Autorun virus for free, Autorun Remover 2021 Autorun Remover, you must have once opened your USB key and were surprised by several symptoms that turned out to be a virus:

  • All files turned into a telly
  • The files disappeared and did not appear among the hidden files even (however the size of the key or disk is still the same).
  • And many other appearances

The solution is in this small program Autorun Remover, which eliminates the virus and its symptoms, so we provide you through this article to download the autorun remover program for computer 2021 to help you completely eliminate these problems.

Some of highlights of Autorun Remover

  • Eliminate Autorun and Trojan in the device and in the USB key.
  • Recover hidden and lost files from a USB key.
  • Protect the USB key and the computer from virus attacks.
  • Support for update.
  • The perfect solution to protect devices that are not connected to the net.
  • Compatible with all other antivirals.
  • Fast and light in size.

App Info

Name: Autorun File Remover
Version: 5.0
Size: 3.33MB
Views: 0
Op. System: Windows
applicationCategory: SecurityApplication
Developer: SecurityXploded

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