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YouTube app for iPhone is a standalone app for browsing YouTube which has become one of the most popular sites in the world, due to the unlimited content that allows you to browse music and videos, and to improve the user experience, YouTube has released the YouTube mobile app, so whether you use an iPhone or a phone Powered by Android, you will be able to enjoy the full YouTube features at any time.

YouTube videos are a huge list of all categories, there are videos, animations, music, sports, games, comics, and anything you can find if you are browsing YouTube website or using the iOS app.

Features of YouTube app for iPhone 2020

  • It allows you to share and post clips to Google+, Twitter, or Facebook, and provides you with other options such as email or messaging.
  • Perhaps one of the best features of the current YouTube app version is the ability to reduce the space currently occupied by the video from the screen and reduce it to a small square to the left of the bottom of the screen so that you can continue browsing through the YouTube app while the video is playing normally, but Keep in mind that if you click to watch a new video, this will turn off the thumbnail, you can also click on the thumbnail to drag it back to the home screen again or swipe left to stop it.
  • Sync all devices: Please note that the YouTube app is able to sync all of your devices, that way you don’t need to worry about installing YouTube on multiple devices. You can use the app on any of these devices in the most efficient way, just choose the account you will use.
  • If you have multiple Google accounts, each with their own YouTube Account, the YouTube app makes it easy for you to add multiple accounts so you can easily switch between them, just click on the profile icon in the top menu, click on the three dots in the top screen, Then click on “Switch Account” and press “+ Add Account” to log in to your account. All the accounts you are logged into will be displayed so you can click on any of them at any time.
  • Using the editing features available in the app, you can customize the way the entire video is displayed at the end, you can apply a wide range of different filters, which provides you with the opportunity to better control the final result of the presentation.
  • You can combine the amazing nature of the YouTube app for iPhone or Android devices with smart TV, there is a special matter in your application menu that enables you to watch videos on the TV, so this will give you an opportunity to enjoy high-quality music on a much larger screen.
  • Last but not least, you can use the “Watch Later” button to watch videos you don’t have time to enjoy right now, whether you’ve already started watching them longer than expected or haven’t watched them yet.

Download YouTube app for iPhone 2020

Just like the website, using the YouTube app you will be able to download videos or watch them online and follow your favorite channels and browse your subscriptions and playlists and more, when you open the application a summary of the videos will be displayed in front of you, representing a mix of videos from your subscriptions along with the recommended clips for you Depending on your viewing habits and preferences, the search button in the upper left allows you to search by video title, keywords or crown, and also contains a microphone button so you can do a voice search, to download the app you can press any Ikegami the following download.

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