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Users of smart devices running the IOS system and users of iPhones and iPads search for applications that help them transfer files, photos, and videos from one device to another as quickly as possible, so we must get acquainted with the bump application, which is one of the most popular applications for transferring files and images between devices, it is sufficient that The user performs a process of clicking on the two devices, whether it is from phone to phone, or from phone to tablet computer, those two clicks will make the two devices connected to each other, which makes the process of transferring photos or contacts from one mobile to another an easy process that does not need connections, and the bump application provides the possibility Transfer photos from the smart device Z computer.

General information about Bump app

This application is widely popular among users of iPhones and iPads, as it contributes to the exchange of files between those devices that are running IOS, this application has witnessed many updates that made it allowed to exchange files between iPhones and Android devices, and during updates, it became possible to apply bump Send files to and from your computer using an iPhone or iPad.

This application works great, by performing a device vibration process, the application will open and be ready to perform the operations of transferring and sending files between the two phones, whether those files are pictures or video clips, and other data, while a web service has been added that enables users to send and receive files to and from the phone from Computer path.

Bump app features

  • Downloading the completely free bump app does not impose any restrictions on users when it is used, it is available in the apple store, it can be downloaded for free.
  • The bump app works on all iPhone, iPad, and IOS devices.
  • Bump has a graphical interface that is easy to handle, and any iPhone user can work on.
  • The bump application provides the ability to transfer files, data and photos, video clips between iPhone devices, and this transfer mechanism is characterized by speed, so there is no need to wait a lot while the file to be received or sent arrives.
  • One of the amazing features that the Bomb 2021 app has is the file transfer feature between Android, iPhone, and iPad, but not only that feature, the application does not need to be connected to devices on the same network in order to work, but only the application must be opened in the two devices and then transfer files between them via Shake the two devices at the same time and choose the device that must be accessed by the files to be sent, this process is done with ease.
  • One of the capabilities available in the bump application is the ability to transfer files from the computer to the IOS devices or vice versa. The user must shake the mobile phone near the computer to see the user a message on the browser asking to allow the phone to connect to the computer, this means that the mobile will convert to memory External You can transfer files to it or take files from it easily and without using any connections, but there is a limit for transferring data which is 20 MB.

Download and install the Bump app

  • The bump application is downloaded through the use of the ITUNES application, or by entering the Apple Store store. The application can also be downloaded by clicking on the link below the text on this page.
  • After the bump application installation file completes downloading, we will find it in the list of downloaded files by clicking on it. The installation will start, you must agree to the applicable terms and then continue the installation.
  • After the installation of the application is completed, it opens through the list of installed applications, and thus we will have an application through which data and files can be transferred between iPhone, iPad, and tablets.

iPhone collision with each other will get the ability to transfer files and data between them through the use of the famous bump application.

App Info

Name: Bump
Size: MB
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Op. System: Android
applicationCategory: UtilitiesApplication
Developer: Bump Technologies LLC

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