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Download spyzie for free for Android 2020, as it is clear from the name of the program, it was designed to spy or another word to monitor smartphones. It may not be the only app that does this, but it is definitely the best.

Through this topic, you will learn how spyzie collects all the information you need about the phone being monitored. The program gained the trust of more than a million users, and how it does not. It contains nearly 30 features that guarantee you a professional monitoring service.

How spyzie works

All you need to start using the app is:

  • Create a spyzie account.
  • Then install the program on the phone to monitor without the need to install the application on your phone.
  • The application icon will appear on the monitored phone, but do not worry it will be deleted automatically after the setup process is complete.
  • You can now view the phone data being monitored through the control panel in your personal account.

Is spyzie free?

The application has a free trial period, but then you have to pay by credit card or your PayPal online bank account. The subscription can be monthly, quarterly, or annually. The program usage fee varies depending on the version used. A month’s subscription, for example, on the premium version costs you $ 29.99, while a month’s subscription to the ultimate version costs $ 39.99. Download spyzie paid.

Spyzie Application Tour:

control Board:

Through the control panel, you can see the following information about the phone being monitored:

  • Phone status: active or inactive.
  • Device information: phone model, battery fill level, geographic location, Wi-Fi network connected to it – if any.
  • Phone calls.
  • Text messages.
  • Track the geographical locations, and through the feature of the geographical fence, you can know the timing of entry and exit from the locations as well.
  • Facebook, Snapchat, and other social media apps: Show your notifications and keyboard monitoring.
  • Browser history.
  • Contacts.
  • Pictures.
  • video clips.
  • Screenshots taken.
  • Applications loaded on the phone: But be careful not to press the close button of any program as in that case the phone user will be alerted that the application has been hacked!
  • Keyboard monitoring.
  • Detecting the change of the SIM card.
  • Today’s phone activities: They appear as a graph to enable you to derive the most used activities.
  • Top 5 contacts.
  • The 5 best messaging contacts.

What does clu in-app offer?

The clu list proves that spyzie offers a complete watch experience, the list contains:

  • The last 5 text messages were deleted.
  • The last 5 phone calls were deleted from the device.
  • The last 10 photos were also deleted.
  • The 10 most recently deleted videos.

More features about free spyzie app download for android with direct link

In addition to the information that appears to you through the control panel, there are other properties that can be accessed by clicking on the side menu, such as:

  • Tracks: Learn about the various tracks played on the phone, and you can download them to listen as well!
  • Documents: It displays the documents loaded on the phone as PDF, word, and others, and allows you to download them for viewing.
  • Events recorded in the calendar.
  • Scheduled Restriction: With this feature, you can control the number of hours allowed by using the phone, this feature is useful in the case of monitoring children’s devices by parents.
  • Email messages.

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Op. System: Android
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Developer: spyzie

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